Kraaij Caravans & Camperverhuur
Kraaij Caravans & Camperverhuur

Kraaij Caravans & Camperverhuur

Harderwijkerweg 132
3852 AG Ermelo

063735... Toon Vermeld wanneer u contact opneemt met de verkoper.

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Welcome to Kraaij Caravans & Camper Rentals.

We are a caravan sales and motorhome rental company on the Veluwe, located in Ermelo. (Gelderland)

Our goal is to build a satisfied customer base. We would like to achieve this by offering neat reliable caravans and motorhomes. In order to contribute to your well-deserved holiday.

On our website you will see clear large photos to get the right impression of the condition of the caravans and motorhomes.

We rent out a number of luxurious fully equipped motorhomes that are fully equipped to give you a pleasant holiday.

Why should you choose Kraaij Caravans & Camper Rental?

* We do not charge delivery costs.
* We do not use expensive warranty packages.
* We deliver clean caravans.
* We check these thoroughly.
* We provide explanation and advice upon delivery.
* We show everything working on delivery.
* We are service oriented.
* We give personal attention.
* We rent very luxurious Campers.
* We rent All Inclusive Campers.

  • Sales brokerage
  • Maintenance
  • Rental
  • In return
  • Import
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