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Peugeot 290
€ 120, -

Peugeot 290

€ 120,- per night

6 Length (m)
2600 kg
seen 137 times

Omschrijving Peugeot 290

we have owned this motorhome for eleven years, and want to let others enjoy the freedom to go wherever they can and to have a wonderful relaxing night. this motorhome is very suitable to use outside one campsite, the bathroom has one separate shower room with extraction. there is also one large kitchen with extractor hood and spacious fridge at headroom. for seeing LED lighting and folding bed. there is also one staircase to take something on top with it. there is also an additional zodiac with 6 hp bb engine and electro whisper engine available for an additional charge. and also for those who have a motorcycle license to rent n 125 cc motor scooter. you must see this

Peugeot 290 from 1991 for rent on

Peugeot 290

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More information:

Basic information

Brand: Peugeot
Year of construction: 1991
Length (m): 6.00
Currency: EUR

Vehicle Specifications

Weight (kg): 2600
Number of beds: 4
Camper type: Alcove


Brand of engine: 2.5 Diesel, 2.5 Diesel
Fuel: Diesel


Train seat:
Middle dinette:
Central kitchen:




Bicycle carrier:
Solar panel:


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