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Many campers or caravans are for sale on Many advertisements are added every day. How do you find what you are looking for among these thousands of motorhome and caravan ads? We give you some tips. For example, you can search in different ways, so that you can easily find the right camper or caravan.

  • How do I search for a camper or caravan?
  • How do I use the search bar?
  • How can I refine my search?
  • How can I perform an advanced search?
  • How can I sort in order?
  • How can I search by brand?
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  • What do I have to pay attention to when purchasing a camper or caravan?
  • Orient yourself well
  • Identify the seller
  • Is a purchase inspection necessary when purchasing a motorhome or caravan?
  • Make a budget that is to be expected
  • Is it useful to take a test drive?
  • Is it useful to record the purchase in writing?