Contact with seller

Have you found a camper or caravan that you are really interested in? Then you can contact the seller directly. On the right-hand side at the top of the advertisement page is a 'business card' of the seller of the camper or caravan. Here you can see whether the provider is a private advertiser or a camper or caravan broker. There are various options where you can contact the provider.

In the purchase process it is important that you get a good picture of the camper or caravan. Are there any things you still have questions about? Ask the selling party for this. For example:

  • What is the age or condition of the camper or caravan?
  • Does the camper or caravan still have certain guarantees?
  • What is the maintenance history?
  • Are there possible other damages to the camper or caravan?
  • Are there additional photos?

A camper or caravan is often a complex entity that it is difficult to get a complete picture of as a layman. In addition, love makes blind. As soon as you already have the most beautiful camping routes in mind, it is often too late to make a good judgment about the technical condition of the camper or caravan. A number of tips to help you with this.

Orient yourself well
Ask yourself whether the camper or caravan you have in mind suits your personal preferences. Make a good comparison when there are several campers or caravans for sale that meet this requirement. This way you can be sure that you will find the best camper or caravan and pay the right price. When you buy the camper or caravan from a dealer, you will receive good guidance during your purchase in addition to advice.

Identify the seller
When you buy a camper or caravan from a private individual, check the passport or driver's license of the seller and write down the BSN. Determine if it is actually owned by a previous purchase contract, registration or insurance certificate. Also important are the owner's manual, maintenance invoices and warranty certificates.
You can have the camper or caravan inspected before you make the actual purchase. Especially if you buy a camper or caravan from a private individual, this is recommended. The inspection report gives you clarity about the current condition of the camper or caravan and the repairs that can be expected.
In addition to the purchase price, there are costs that recur annually. Maintenance, insurance and possible storage. It is good to map out these costs in advance, so that you get a realistic picture of which costs will return each year.
The best way to find out if the camper or caravan is right for you is to take it for a test drive. During the ride you can check if everything is working properly.
Register the purchase in duplicate, one for yourself and one for the seller. Often, resolutive conditions are also included here. A dealer has this as standard in the service package.

Click here to download a purchase contract.