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Ram Pickup with drop-off unit: comfortable and adventurous camping

Ram Pickup with drop-off unit: comfortable and adventurous camping

Amsterdam-based Dusa brings an attractive combination to the market. A full size Ram Pickup with a Forrest River sales unit as cargo. A camping equipment that you can enjoy all year round, even when it is not a holiday.

Dusa Import USA Cars adds a dose of holiday fun to the versatility that a Ram already offers. With a truck trailer from Forrest River you can transform the pickup into a camper in a few minutes with a few attractive extras. The trailer offers about as much living space as a bus camper, but due to its slightly greater width you experience it as if it were a semi-integrated vehicle. And yet the unit has really compact external dimensions. Two people can work well in the trailer.


The bed in the alcove is a double without concessions. A U-shaped sofa with a table is large enough to accommodate a few guests and can be converted into a smaller bed with a filler piece. The pantry has a 2-burner LPG stove and running water. The countertop offers some work space and an extractor fan above the hob keeps it smelling fresh inside. The heater and air conditioning also contribute to this when it is cold or warm outside. A porta potti is hidden in a cupboard under the benches. A shower is also provided, which you can pull out from the outside, as befits adventurous camping.

Distribution unit layout
The pantry has a 2-burner LPG stove and running water.

A sales unit from Forrest River is available in two versions. A hard-shell with a fixed roof or a version with an electrically operated lifting roof. The fixed version is always ready for use, even on the road. With a lifting roof you have to wait a while until that happens. But you get extra ventilation options in return and the height of the combination is limited while driving. Handy when you encounter a low bridge. Both versions have the same interior layout and styling.

Comfortable and adventurous camping.
Comfortable and adventurous camping.

About Forrest River

Forrest River is one of the largest manufacturers of recreational vehicles in North America. Campervans and caravans in all forms have been manufactured since 1996. From trailer tents to touring car campers with literally everything in between. It goes without saying that such an agglomerate knows very well how to place a smart interior in a compact sales unit and can be seen in the design of the sales units at Dusa. Material and color choice is based on the American last. It's a matter of taste what you think about that. What may be quite traditional for one person may be fun for another. In any case, it is ergonomically correct.

Advantages of sales unit

The name already indicates the biggest advantage of a sales unit. You can drop him off at your destination and explore the area in a large car. Turning it off is easy. With four removable leveling feet that you can operate electrically, you can lift the unit slightly after which you can drive the car away. The unit will then be rock solid on your camping spot. Setting up is just as easy. It may be a matter of centimeters, but with a 360-degree reversing camera and the well-controlled power of the Ram, you won't run into problems unless you really can't drive.

Attaching the unit to the pickup is also simple. The only adjustment to the car is a set of extra eyes with which the load is secured with chains. You can take off the leveling feet for a longer ride, after which you can continue the journey. A child from the age of 18 with a driver's license can do the laundry. The towbar remains usable when there is a drop-off unit in the loading platform.

Another advantage of a truck camper applies when you return home. You can leave the unit in the garage and use the pickup as a daily car. This saves you an extra car if you own a bus camper or semi-integrated vehicle. They are unemployed when there is no free time. It also benefits the lifespan of the unit. Before you know it, you'll wear out three pickups before the unit needs to be replaced.

Dusa Import USA Cars

Dusa Import USA Cars has been a specialist in importing American cars and pick-up trucks since 1988. The company is largely responsible for the appearance of pickups on Dutch motorways. Dusa is a Trusted US Car dealer, which sets its requirements for the workshop and means that the factory warranty remains intact. This involves purchasing from stock. The delivery time of a new pickup is therefore short and the price extra competitive. In addition to the Ram, Dusa also supplies Ford USA trucks and Toyota Tundras to which the Forrest River sales units also fit.

On the road

Driving a Ram, even with 600kg of living space in the cargo box, is a pleasure. Although a standard Ram is not at all impressed by that weight, Dusa always installs air suspension. And that's a good choice. The rear axle of a pickup is usually difficult to get right. When empty, a commercial vehicle can often be a bit stiff. The great thing about air suspension is that you can largely solve this with some extra features. The ride height, for example, is adjustable, which allows for off-road driving. Because off the beaten track, Aries also holds its own.

The selectable four-wheel drive also has locking options and the ground clearance is nice and high thanks to the air suspension. You won't improve lap times on the road, but it is a car that you can drive enthusiastically. It drives just fine. Thanks to the big HEMI V8, it is a combination with which you can easily accelerate, even in a bend.

The usage

The consumption is high, a considerable weight and 8 cylinders are responsible for this. But there is a solution for that too. LPG is almost always installed by Dusa. The two major disadvantages of LPG do not count for a RAM 1500. The tank can easily be concealed as a substructure without any loss of space. And the higher road tax does not apply to a gray license plate. A Ram is therefore especially interesting for business driving. The BPM and VAT are determined, but not paid.

Dusa Import USA Cars adds a dose of holiday fun to the versatility that a Ram already offers.
Dusa Import USA Cars adds a dose of holiday fun to the versatility that a Ram already offers.

The truck camper with lifting roof has a price from € 16.500. The hard shell from € 19.500. According to the legislator, it is simply the load, so a camper license plate is not included. You can lease or rent the unit from Dusa. Possibly in combination with a Ram 1500 so that you can experience for yourself how the set works out in daily life. The rental price is deducted from the purchase value when you decide to purchase. Good chance this will happen. The driving qualities of a Ram 31 are exceptional and the truck trailer from Forrest River offers all the holiday comfort you would like to take with you. The extra option to drive around with or without a trailer completes an interesting picture.

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