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The Coon: Cross over in route 66 atmosphere

The Coon: Cross over in route 66 atmosphere

Caravans and boats represent two worlds with more differences than similarities. However, this year a project will be launched in 's-Hertogenbosch that will significantly blur that boundary. The Den Bosch shipyard Waterrijk has developed The Coon in the style and appearance of the legendary Airstream caravan. A floating Tiny House that didn't exist yet.

the coon
The Coon has a striking appearance in terms of design. The lines of the Airstream structure do not have much to do with a boat, but it is nice to see, to put it mildly. It is not without reason that an Airstream arouses a lot of sympathy on the road. The unpainted aluminum, the voluptuous curves and the panoramic view through the arched windows give the design a pleasantly retro quality.
Waterrijk turns this design language into a nautical variant that evokes the same emotion. What is missing are the wheels, but otherwise the structure of The Coon is inspired by a classic all-American Airstream caravan.

the coon

The original from The Coon

The designer behind this design was Hawley Bolus, also responsible for the design of the “Spirit of St. Louis”, Charles Lindberg's aircraft. Airstream survived the economic depression in the 30s. The quality and unique appearance certainly contributed to this. The flirting with airplanes, technology and aerodynamic perfection reached its peak in 1969. That's when astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, the crew of Apollo 11, stayed in an Airstream for several weeks to serve their quarantine after the first successful moon landing.

The Coon


The Coon is at least as progressive as a concept, but in this day and age. Attention to sustainability is a guiding principle during development. The accommodation is almost completely self-sufficient in water, electricity and heating. The goal is environmentally neutral. A CAN bus system and internet connection ensure that all systems on board are continuously online. With a comprehensive app, everything can be monitored and you can intervene if something unexpectedly threatens to go wrong.

Maintenance friendly

The aluminum of the structure is provided with a coating to make cleaning easier. It gives a satin finish. The Coon is fully equipped and furnished as standard with a sitting room, patio doors to the terrace, four permanent sleeping places, kitchenette, separate toilet and a bathroom with shower.

The Coon
The attractive appearance, green character and low maintenance costs make The Coon an interesting property for personal enjoyment or to operate as a suite for the Airbnb generation. Governments also see the added value of this concept. A pilot will start in Den Bosch in mid-2018 in which The Coon will be used at an A location in the center as accommodation for visitors to the city.

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