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Hymer E 510 Fiat 2.5 TDI 116hp Cruise control, solar panel
€ 16.950, -

Hymer E 510 Fiat 2.5 TDI 116pk Cruise control, zonnepaneel

€ 16.950, -

5.8 Length (m)
217803 km
seen 1061 times


Omschrijving Hymer E510

Hymer E 510
Fiat 2.5 Turbodiesel intercooler
year 1996

The oil and filter were replaced at 211.555 km, the timing belt/tensioner was replaced
brake lines renewed, belt fluid replaced
Furthermore, the Hymer is well maintained, invoices available

This Hymer is ready for departure

Complete with contents (cutlery, pans, cup, plates, mini vacuum cleaner, oven, chairs, table and parasol, washing line, etc..)

MOT 26-09-2024 (with new MOT possible)
power 116 hp - 86 kW
Number of cylinders 4
Cylinder capacity 2500cc
km position 217.803
Manual gearbox

Mass of unladen vehicle 2900 kg
Permissible maximum mass of the vehicle 3500 kg
Maximum loading capacity 600 kg

Equipped with a spacious fold-down bed,
3 sleeping places

bed sizes;
- 200x140cm
- 185x85cm

standing height 200 cm
total height 277 cm
total length 580 cm
width 222 cm

2 luxurious rotating ISRI pilot seats
3 person dinette consisting of 3 ISRI pilot seats and spacious side bench
rear view camera
electric windows
bear lock
driver's door
Cruise control
combination roles
large roof hatch
separate shower and fixed toilet/cassette toilet
original bicycle carrier on bodywork
pilot seats
kitchenette, gas comfort, sink, 3-burner hob, refrigerator and kitchen cabinets
clean water tank
waste water tank
gas alarm
ring heating
Power steering
safe and
There is a solar panel and a TV dish on the roof, so you can also be off-grid, see photos

If desired I can send more photos via WhatsApp.

Very nice and neat with a great layout! .
The Hymer E510 from 1996, equipped with a 116 hp Fiat 2.5 TDI engine, or ready to go!

Hymer E510 from 1996 for sale on CampersCaravans.nl.

Hymer E510

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Basic information

Brand: Hymer
Type: E510
Postcode Location: BOXTEL
Condition: Used
Year of construction: 1996
Length (m): 5.80

Vehicle Specifications

Width (m): 2.22
Height (m): 2.77
Headroom (m): 2.00
Max. permissible weight (kg): 3500
Load capacity (kg): 600
Number of beds: 3
Weight (kg): 3080
Length of body (m): 5.80
Number of beds: 3
Camper type: Semi-integrated
Experience: A day of camping fun, Weekend away, Family holiday, Winter holiday, Away in nature/off-road, Sustainable camping


Brand of engine: Fiat
Engine type: 2.5 Tdi
Cylinder capacity: 2500
Power in kW: 85
Power in HP: 116
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Power steering:
Cruise control:
Mileage: 217803


Central kitchen:
Final kitchen:
Middle toilet:


Extractor hood:
Water tank (Clean):
Water tank (Waste):
Satellite antenna:


Electric windows:


Alarm: Bearlock

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