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[Sold] Roller Team TRIGANO T-LINE GT
€ 38.500, -

[Verkocht] Roller Team TRIGANO T-LINE GT

€ 38.500, -

6.9 Length (m)
133250 km
seen 743 times


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Omschrijving Roller Team TRIGANO T-LINE GT

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Our beautiful Roller Team T-Line GT from 2011 (mileage 133.250) is looking for a new owner! We are looking for another camper ourselves, because our children are a bit older and will no longer come along (as often).

This great camper on a Fiat Ducato chassis (broad gauge) has been in our possession since 2019 and has already taken us to beautiful places. What makes this camper particularly attractive for families is the layout with an L-shaped seat, fold-down bed and a bunk bed in the back. Ideal for a family with children! The bottom bed is foldable, creating even more space in the garage. The garage can be opened on both sides. These doors are equipped with security locks, just like the main entrance.

The kitchen is spacious and equipped with three gas burners and an extractor system. The refrigerator can be (automatically) set to both gas and electricity. There are cupboards above the seating group and the kitchen, creating plenty of storage space. The camper is equipped with LED lighting, which means that energy consumption is low.

The bathroom has a toilet (with cassette), a sink and a shower. The camper is of course equipped with a clean water tank (100 liters) and a 10 liter Truma gas boiler. The waste water is collected in the gray water tank, which can be quickly emptied using a lever on the outside.

The camper has an LPG gas bottle (20 liters) with a fixed filling connection on the outside. We have filled the gas bottle ourselves twice so far (in 2020 and in 2023). A full bottle costs EUR 15 and will last approximately 2 to 3 years (depending on use).

Provided with:

  • Solar panel (1 x 120 Wp)
  • 1 x 20 liter tank bottle with fixed outside filling connection (LPG!)
  • Gold cruise cruise control
  • SR Mecatronic ASR 850 Satellite dish
  • TV connection
  • Safe door security (3 pieces)
  • HEO-Safe locks
  • Fiamma Turbo-vent roof hatch fan
  • Rear parking sensors (measured in centimeters)
  • Fiamma Bicycle carrier (equipped with 4 rails)
  • Fiamma F45 Ti Awning

In addition, the camper has been equipped with:

  • New upholstery of seating area (2022)
  • Zenec XZENT X-F270 Multimedia System + Camper Navigation (2021)
  • Kenwood reversing camera (2021)
  • Inverter (1.500W, pure sine wave) (2021)
  • New mattress (memory foam) pull-down bed (2021)
  • Household battery semi-traction 100 Mah (2023)
  • New outdoor lamp (2023)

The camper has always been perfectly maintained. In any case, the owner no longer has to worry about the following matters:

  • Replace timing belt + water pump (2022)
  • Replace starter battery (2022)
  • New exterior mirror left (2023)
  • Replace roof sealant edges (2023)
  • Replace toilet roof hatch (2023)

Original invoices are available.

The gas hose and pressure regulator do not need to be replaced before 2029. 

Roller Team TRIGANO T-LINE GT from 2011 for sale on CampersCaravans.nl.


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Basic information

Brand: roller Team
Type: Trigano T-line Gt
Postcode Location: THE HAGUE
Condition: Uses
Year of make: 2011
Length (m): 6.90

Vehicle Specifications

Width (m): 2.40
Height (m): 2.80
Max. permissible weight (kg): 3500
Number of beds: 4
Weight (kg): 2924
Number of beds: 6
Camper type: Semi-integrated
Experience: Family holiday, Maintenance-free, Nature/off-road


Brand of engine: Fiat
Cylinder capacity: 2287
Power in kW: 96
Power in HP: 131
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Power steering:
Cruise control: Gold cruise
Motor air conditioner:
Mileage: 133250


Lift bed: Manual
Bunk bed:
Swivel cabin seats:
Middle toilet:


Extractor hood:
Water tank (Clean): 100
Water tank (Waste): 100
Boiler: truma
Audio installation: Zenec XZENT X-F270
Dish: • SR Mecatronic ASR 850
Screen door:
Window fly screen:
Navigation: Zenec XZENT X-F270
Inverter: Vechline 200W
Window blind:


Canopy: Fiamma F45 Ti
Roof hatch:
Bicycle carrier: Fiamma Carrybike 4 rails
Outdoor lamp:
Solar panel: 120 Wp


Gas leak detector:
Carbon monoxide detector:
Spare wheel:
Smoke alarm:
Security locks:
Reversing camera:

Warranty / Maintenance / History

Import car: 2e owner
Maintenance booklet:

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Remco van der Wal

The Hague
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Remco van der Wal

The Hague
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Remco van der Wal

The Hague
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