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Fiat Ixeo Time IT 735
€ 141, -

Fiat Ixeo Time IT 735

€ 141,- per night

8 Length (m)
3000 kg
seen 26 times

Omschrijving Fiat Ixeo Time IT 735

A lot of work has been done, especially the cosiness, safety and comfort. You cook with LeCrueset pans and sleep under Essenza sheets made of 100% cotton with satin interwoven. You eat on a table made of Plantaanhout. Sheer curtains are from Loberon. You sleep on a top mattress with NASA memory foam. Delicious! The seats are upholstered with Alcantara leather. There is a large safe for laptops and papers. There is also a built-in gas detector and carbon monoxide detector that detects all types of gas. Heosafe locks are mounted on all doors for extra security. The motorhome door also has extra lock security inside and out. So you are also well protected while sleeping. UNIQUE EXTRA 1: WiFi in the camper. You have a super-fast WiFi connection while you drive. You have 15 GB per week available for rent. UNIQUE EXTRA 2: There is a Tolgadge in the camper. So do you drive on the toll roads? No waiting in line and situations with credit card and receipts. Go to the gate...

Fiat Ixeo Time IT 735 from 2013 for rent on

Fiat Ixeo Time IT 735

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More information:

Basic information

Brand: Fiat
Year of construction: 2013
Length (m): 8.00
Currency: EUR

Vehicle Specifications

Weight (kg): 3000
Number of beds: 2
Camper type: Semi-integral


Fuel: Diesel
Cruise control:


Train seat:
Middle dinette:
Central kitchen:




Bicycle carrier:
Solar panel:


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