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Knaus 500FU
€ 42, -

Knaus 500FU

€ 42,- per night

7 Length (m)
1130 kg
seen 47 times

Omschrijving Knaus 500FU

Caravan for rent to drive yourself (in most cases E with B driving license required) or we will put it down for you at a campsite in the Dune and Bulb Region! On holiday and yet experience the cosiness of home? That certainly works in our beautiful Knaus! We have given our caravan a nice makeover with much love, and because we can't make much use of our caravan (but can't say goodbye to it yet…) we also want to give others the opportunity to enjoy our cozy palace. So do you want to enjoy a wonderful holiday with your family in your own country or perhaps a little further away? Who knows, this caravan might be what you are looking for! *** Layout: The caravan consists of a sitting area with a round seat, which can be converted into a sleeping place for 2 children. We often use the pop-up tent for the children, which is also present in the caravan. With sleeping bags and air mattresses. Above the seating area are many flap cabinets, some of which are used for...

Knaus 500FU from 2007 for rent on

Knaus 500FU

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More information:

Basic information

Brand: Knaus
Type: 500fu
Year of construction: 2007
Length (m): 7.00
Currency: EUR

Vehicle Specifications

Weight (kg): 1130
Number of beds: 4


Central kitchen:






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+31 (0)85 208 3... Show Mention when you contact the landlord.

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