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Mobile homes and chalets for sale: comfortable in all seasons

Many Dutch holidaymakers book a stay in a chalet or a mobile home for the annual summer holiday. Those two terms are often used interchangeably. The difference in chalet construction is that mobile homes have wheels and chalets look more like a cottage. However, a mobile home will rarely, if ever, use those wheels during its lifetime. If you want to stay in your own chalet or mobile home for a holiday, buying and renting one of these types is an option. Do you want to buy a chalet? On the website you will find both new and second-hand mobile homes and chalets.

What is a mobile home?

A mobile home is very similar to a touring caravan, only the size is a lot bigger and you can't just hook it behind your car. Hence the name mobile home. The intention is that the mobile home remains on its camping pitch. Originally, the older generation of mobile homes were made of aluminum. These were thin walls that barely insulated. In a mobile home you have to heat a lot to get it warm. The mobile home can heat up quickly, but that heat also dissipates. The current generation of mobile homes are usually made of GRP and are much better insulated. Mobile homes are mass-produced, so customization is not really possible.

What is a chalet?

A chalet can best be seen as a more luxurious version of a mobile home. The walls of a chalet are usually made of wood, but plastic is also often used. Chalets are built for comfort. The walls and roof are well insulated and the whole is a bit more solid and comfortable than a mobile home. Unlike a mobile home, a chalet can be built to measure. You can make a chalet just as luxurious as you want. Because a chalet has a better living comfort, a chalet is also habitable in winter. And in many cases, a chalet does not have the external characteristics of a caravan, but rather resembles a full-fledged holiday home. Keep in mind if you want to buy a chalet, you also have to think about the pitch. You can buy a chalet at camping>, buy a chalet with pitch, chalets for sale by the sea and there are many options. Think about this carefully.

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