Tips for the buyer

Which camper or caravan do you want? A number of considerations:

  • Which format is desired?
  • With how many people do I want to use / travel with the camper or caravan? (sleeping places, seats etc.)
  • What equipment, accessories and other features do I like to see in the camper or caravan?
  • How much load space do I need?
  • What is the maximum amount I want to spend for a camper or caravan?
  • How much weight can my car pull?
  • Which driver's license do I need?
Make sure that your car can tow your caravan and that you have the correct driver's license. With driving license B you can drive a passenger car with trailer that, including the load capacity, does not weigh more than 750 kg. In some cases it is permitted with a driving license B to tow a heavier trailer. The trailer, including load capacity, may not weigh more than the car that pulls the trailer. The maximum total mass, so your car and the trailer, may not exceed 3500 kg. The BE driver's license is only required if you exceed 3500 kg. For driving a trailer with two axles, possession of a BE driving license is required. Why buy new? A number of considerations.
  • New, adapted and decorated according to your own wishes.
  • New, guarantee so carefree enjoyment of your camper or caravam, without unexpected extra costs.
  • New, new developments in driving characteristics, motorization, comfort, electronics, etc.
  • New, modern appearance of the camper or caravan.
  • New, enjoy that everything is new and remains good with good maintenance.
Why buy used? A number of considerations.
  • Used, wide choice of brands and models.
  • Used, lower purchase price.
  • Used, lower depreciation.
  • Used, unique no longer available brands or models.
  • Used, if you like jobs, there is usually something to do.
Private or Company? A number of considerations.
  • Private, often lower price.
  • Private, often possibility to negotiate without fixed rules.
  • Company, often certainty about prices.
  • Company, often guarantee.
  • Company, often trade-in possible.
  • Company, often maintenance and repair options.

Tips for the buyer when buying a private individual

What should I pay attention to? A number of considerations.
  • Orientate what the current price is for the camper or caravan.
  • Check the chassis, the overrun brake, the (stabilizer) clutch, the output supports, the crash bar and the tires, the interior and the electrical connections and equipment.
  • Ask for the manuals and guarantees of, among others, the built-in appliances such as refrigerator, stove and the like.
  • Record on paper that you buy the camper or caravan, from whom you buy it, for what amount and when the camper or caravan is delivered. Indicate, brand, type, year of construction, numbers of chassis and engine and any accessories. Transfer the money by bank or have it signed for receipt when transferring cash. Both sign the agreement stating place and date.

Tips for the private seller

What should I pay attention to? A number of considerations.
  • Determine the asking price. Compare with similar caravans or campers, look in Campers Caravans or on, call the dealer, importer or builder, check whether your brand and type of camper or caravan is in the market. For fast sales it is of course wise to sell below the current price.
  • Determine the negotiating margin. Remember that the buyer comes from what your floor price will be. Stay open to reasonable arguments. There are many individuals who overestimate the price of their camper or caravan. There are also often more risks for the buyer, which the buyer wants to take if the price is lower than at a company.
  • Good description. In particular, you should highlight issues that justify the value of your camper or caravan compared to a comparable camper or caravan. For example; new, new upholstery, many accessories, few kilometers etc. These details make it clear to the buyer why your camper or caravan is, for example, more expensive or cheaper than another.
  • Clear photo. It is best when the camper or caravan is in the sun and you are photographing the camper or caravan with your back to the sun. A nice photo during the vacation of the camper or caravan also speaks to the imagination for the buyer.
  • Also show on the motorhome or caravan that it is for sale.
  • Be honest about the state of the camper or caravan and other information, otherwise you waste the time of the buyer and your own.
  • Make a note of the buyer's phone number who wants to come along, this will lead the buyer to clean up earlier if he / she refrains from the visit.
  • Make sure your camper or caravan is clean and tidy when the buyer comes to see.
  • If you can hand over a recent expertise report, this can simplify the purchase
  • Draw up a sales contract. Record on paper that you sell the camper or caravan, to whom you sell it, for what amount and when the camper or caravan is delivered. Indicate brand, type, year of manufacture, chassis and engine numbers and any accessories. Have the money transferred by bank by telephone or sign for receipt when transferring cash. Both sign the agreement stating place and date.
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