Drents Camperhuis B.V.
Drents Camperhuis B.V.

Drents Camperhuis B.V.

Broekhuizen 13
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Buying a camper is an exciting affair. We are very aware of this. With us you only buy A-brand campers with a competitive price. These guarantee years of camper pleasure!
The Drents Camperhuis is a dream come true of Ingrid, Stephan and Wander. From our motorhome passion and the desire to share this with others, we started renting out motorhomes in 2014. Ingrid's brother, Wander, has been living in France for years and bought the rental campers in France. Time and again he managed to purchase beautiful motorhomes with a favorable price / quality ratio. Many tenants also wanted to buy a camper from us afterwards. Because it always gives a nice feeling to have found the right motorhome for the customer, we have increasingly focused on this. In 2017, we ended our rental activities in order to be able to fully focus on the purchase and sale of young, high-quality motorhomes.

Our way of working
Wander has built up a whole network in France and we know what motorhome enthusiasts are looking for. Wander inspects the motorhomes and is supported by French motorhome companies and brokers. Wander brings the campers to the Netherlands or Stephan and Ingrid pick up the campers.
Stephan and Ingrid ensure that the campers get a Dutch registration. They then have the motorhomes completely checked both motor and motorhome technical. For this we use our regular partners.

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