Rent a camper or caravan?

Rent a camper or caravan?

A camper or caravan is a considerable purchase, especially in the knowledge that it will be stationary in the garage for a large part of the year. That is why more and more owners rent out their camper or caravan during the time that their camping equipment is not in use. There are a number of intermediaries or sharing platforms that specialize in this for private landlords. This makes the rental of your motorhome or caravan pleasantly simple and can generate quite some money. It is also an option to take into account when purchasing your new camper or caravan. We answer 5 questions about the rental of motorhomes and caravans.

Below we answer all kinds of questions you may have about renting a camper or caravan.

Rent a camper or caravan?

5 questions about renting out your camper or caravan

Do you have a camper or caravan to rent out? Five questions and answers about renting out your camping equipment.

When you are going to rent out a camper or caravan yourself, there are of course a few things involved. A sharing platform takes care of this in whole or in part. Renting out via a sharing platform is therefore not just a nice advertisement on an attractive website. It provides certainty for the tenant and landlord that the camping equipment is correct and the financial settlement is correct. Offering your motorhome or motorhome for rent is usually free of charge, as soon as a booking is made you pay a percentage of the rental price.

Almost all insurance policies do not provide rental cover unless otherwise agreed. Some insurers have an extra clause that makes rental possible at a higher premium. A sharing platform offers the possibility to conclude such a clause during the rental days. This point of attention also applies to lending.

The season, the type of camper or caravan and the condition in which they are determine what a reasonable rental price is. In addition, you must determine how many weeks you are going to rent out. Then the calculation is simple. What you do have to take into account are higher maintenance costs and the depreciation of your camping equipment.

All campers or caravans are suitable for renting out, but they must of course be in good condition. Clean, complete and technically well-maintained. Of course you do not want to give a tenant a breakdown on the way. But new copies or classic retro vans are all in great demand.

This is possible provided you take into account a number of points of attention such as: arranging insurance, advertising, viewings, administration, arranging money flows (down payment, residual payment, deposit), issues, intakes, cleaning and the settlement of calamities.

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