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ank-O3 is a small built-in system for the clean water tank. On the basis of electrolysis, oxygen (O2) is converted into ozone (O3). Since ozone is an extremely strong, odorless and tasteless, and due to the minimal production not dangerous oxidant, Tank-O3 ensures that the water in the water tank, but also the clean water tank itself, remains completely germ-free. Tank-O3 kills all bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and ensures that the water tank remains completely biofilm-free.

This is a unique feature that no other system can offer.
Note: Everything requires (minimal) maintenance, including the Tank-O3 system. We advise you to check the cell nucleus once every 2 to 4 weeks for limescale and, if necessary, to remove the deposits in a little cleaning vinegar. Hardly any effort, but important! See "Cleaning Tips".

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