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Traveling in a motorhome or caravan gives a feeling of freedom. You can go wherever you want.
Enjoying the here and now and not having to think about anything. To make this possible, there are various options to insure a camper or caravan so that you do not have to worry during the holidays. With insurance you are insured against damage and theft. But also think about passenger insurance, household insurance and other products that have to do with the purchase and use of a camper or caravan. So take out good insurance to be able to enjoy carefree holiday pleasure with a camper or caravan.

Five questions and answers

Many people wonder whether insurance for a motorhome or caravan is mandatory. That is somewhat confusing because something different applies to both camping equipment. Insurance is compulsory for campers, but not for a caravan.

Camper insurance
A camper is a motor vehicle and will therefore have to be at least insured for the legal liability with liability insurance. This covers damage to third parties. With this insurance you are not covered for damage to your own vehicle. The own damage to the camper can also be insured with a more extensive variant of the liability insurance.

Caravan insurance
A caravan insurance is not required by law. Along the way with a caravan this is linked to your car. The car has a legal liability insurance, this also applies to the connected caravan. When you cause damage to others, it is covered by the liability insurance of the car insurance. However, the damage to the caravan is not covered. That is why it is wise to think about caravan insurance. So that the damage to your own caravan is also covered.
If a caravan is parked and is not linked to a car and causes damage, then it is not possible to rely on the liability insurance of the car. In this case you can use a personal liability insurance, if it is taken out. Liability insurance is not required, just like caravan insurance.

With a motorhome or caravan insurance, the more extensive the coverage, the higher the costs. The cheapest insurance policies are therefore usually third-party insurance policies. But there are also many other options. To determine which coverage variant suits you best, you can, for example, look at the value of the camper or caravan. For an older model, liability insurance is enough. But for a new copy with luxury and extras, it is wise to extend the liability insurance with a full body. Be well informed about the possibilities and options.

When taking out insurance it is wise to think about the contents of the camper or caravan. You can choose how extensively you want to insure this. The insurance depends on the value of the household effects. Maybe you bring a bicycle or a laptop? For this it is wise to take out insurance that covers the loss or theft of these items.

Passenger insurance is not required. In addition to the various insurance policies for motorhomes or caravans, it is also wise to think about passenger insurance. With a passenger insurance you are covered for damage such as medical treatments, loss of income and other costs that come with personal injury. This insurance can also be taken out for a co-driver.

Do you often go abroad with a camper or caravan? Then it is advisable to look at the coverage level of your insurance in the country where you are going on vacation. When taking out a motorhome or caravan insurance policy, the coverage area differs per provider. One insurance only provides coverage in the Netherlands and the other insurance only assistance in the Netherlands and Europe. It is important to take out suitable insurance, especially for destinations outside of Europe.

Are you looking for an insurer? Always think of your personal situation when taking out insurance for the camper or caravan.

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