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ADRIA MOBIL adriatik
€ 39.500, -


€ 39.500, -

7.31 Length (m)
127600 km
seen 836 times



Gas barbecue connection outside.

LPG connection

Rear support legs.

This special, spacious Adria Coral A family camper from 2007 has a length of 7 meters 31 and is suitable for drivers with a B driving license.

The chassis is from the Fiat brand. The diesel engine is operated with a manual gearbox. On the way to your next destination, you will benefit from the convenience of cruise control, power steering, central door locking with remote control and airbags.

The centrally located central dinette offers plenty of opportunity to sit together. An attractive L-shaped seating area invites you for some pleasant hours. The central kitchen, which the camper has, is equipped with, among other things, a 3-burner stove, sink and tap. The boiler, which is built into the camper, quickly provides you with hot water. There is a built-in refrigerator with freezer compartment to store your food.

You will certainly not lack sleeping comfort in this camper, which is equipped with slatted bases and memory foam mattresses. The bathroom offers an opportunity to freshen up at the sink and there is also a cassette toilet. Would you like to freshen up on the go? This is possible since the camper is equipped with a shower cabin.

For a good distribution of the heated air, the camper is also equipped with a circulation system.

Listening to your favorite music is made possible by the built-in audio system. The installed solar panels not only provide a financial benefit, but also make a positive contribution to the environment. Even the demanding camper will lack nothing; the fixed waste water tank, the security locks, the gas leak detector, the spare wheel, the spare wheel bracket and the tow bar are a small selection of the many details that make this camper very worthwhile.

ADRIA MOBIL ADRIATIK from 2007 for sale on CampersCaravans.nl.

ADRIA MOBIL adriatik

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Basic information

Brand: Adria Mobil
Type: Adriatik
Postcode Location: 7151MX
Condition: Used
Year of make: 2007
Length (m): 7.31
VAT: Margin


Width (m): 2.32
Load capacity (kg): 350
Number of beds: 4
Weight (kg): 3150
Length of body (m): 7.31
Number of beds: 4
Camper type: Alcove
Experience: Day of camping fun, Weekend away, Family holiday, Group holiday, Winter holiday, Camping for couples, Surfing holiday, Active camping, Festival, Do-it-yourself, Maintenance-free, Adventure, Into the mountains, (Semi) permanent home, Sustainable camping, CityTrips


Brand of engine: Fiat
Cylinder capacity: 2287
Power in kW: 96
Power in HP: 131
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Power steering:
Mileage: 127600


Freezer: Separate freezer
Cooker - number of burners: 3
Toilet: Cassette toilet
Heating: Ring heating
Water tank (Clean):
Water tank (Waste):
Window fly screen:
Window blind:


Walls: Smooth
Material walls: Aluminium
Roof hatch:
Type of awning: Cassette canopy


Cross bed:
Alcove bed:
Swivel cabin seats:
Middle dinette:
Central kitchen:
Middle toilet:


Gas leak detector:
Spare wheel:
Smoke alarm:

warranty / maintenance / history

Other guarantee: 1 year car trust
Condition: Fully
Last service: 6-12 Months
Environmental sticker Germany:

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Bombeke Campers

  • 3 year active on CampersCaravans.nl
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Bombeke Campers

  • 3 year active on CampersCaravans.nl
064635... Show When contacting the seller, mention CampersCaravans.nl.