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Aart Camperinbouw is taking the next step in developing its own line with the Hooglander

Aart Camperinbouw is taking the next step in developing its own line with the Hooglander

Travel and sleep comfortably never been so comfortable

The motto 'Just act normal, then you're acting crazy enough' is not yet written on a tile, but the employees of Aart Camperinbouw and owner Arne Veluwenkamp always promote it. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They don't even have to think about it, because it is simply stored in the DNA. The fact that they are currently walking around as proud as a peacock in the building in the Salland countryside says it all. Then there really is reason to shine!

The glow of pride has everything to do with the launch of the latest addition, which was designed and manufactured in-house at Aart Camperinbouw; the Highlander. Visitors to the Camper Fair in Hardenberg already received a sneak preview at the end of September. Although at that time you could only admire the outside and the space inside, there was already a lot of enthusiasm and admiration. And that actually only increased after the fully equipped Hooglander was presented in its full glory at the end of January during the Caravana in Leeuwarden.
When we speak to Arne Veluwenkamp a few weeks later, he is still dazed about it. “Do you know what I actually like best? That we actually make many target groups and ages happy with the Highlander. During the fairs we had incredibly nice conversations with retirees who are ready for the next improved version of their camper. Or with couples who are buying a camper for the first time to embark on a longer travel adventure. And we saw a striking number of families with young children. This target group is also becoming increasingly active in the camper market. The time when camping was mainly intended for the elderly is over!”, he sounds convinced.

Extra living space

Well, it's time to explain what makes this Highlander so special. We dare to say that the latest model from Aart Camperinbouw offers the best of both worlds. Despite all the modern adjustments, it is still 'just' a camper with a length of less than 5,5 meters. And yet you are fortunate to have extra living space. “That makes it the ideal camper for longer trips,” says Arne. “This way you get an optimal travel and holiday experience, both as a couple and with a young family.”
The Hooglander is already the sixth built-in camper created by the family business, which already has 25 years of experience in built-in construction. We already knew the successful S(m)allander, the S(m)allander XL, Verkenner, IJssellander and Compass 540M. By the way, the Hooglander can be created on the basis of the Peugeot Boxer, Fiat Ducato and Citroën Jumper. Finally, what we would like to mention is that Aart Camperinbouw has enlisted the help of a real interior stylist who has given the Hooglander a vintage look. “You won't find anything like that anywhere,” Arne lets loose the reins of Salland modesty.

A number of advantages of the Hooglander at a glance:

  • A compact camper of < 5,5 meters
  • Extra sofa downstairs
  • Extra large beds downstairs (130 x 197 cm) and upstairs (130 x 200 cm)
  • Two swiveling front seats to create a four-seater approved dining area
  • A well-equipped kitchen with stove and sink
  • Plenty of cupboard and storage space
  • Stand – heater (on diesel)

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