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The lightweight green gas bottle from Benegas

The lightweight green gas bottle from Benegas

Benegas Light: lightweight, safe and does not rust

Benegas Light, the lightweight plastic gas bottle, which is very popular with campers and BBQ enthusiasts. This offers a safer and more convenient option than traditional steel gas cylinders. This green gas bottle is suitable for various applications, both at home and on holiday.

With the Benegas Online Registration you can easily manage your bottle registration digitally and quickly find the nearest sales point. With no fewer than 1.250 points of sale in both the Netherlands and Belgium, there is always a store near you where you can buy, exchange or return the gas bottle.
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Renewed registration system Benegas Light

The deposit system for your Benegas Light gas bottle now even simpler. Register your bottle via the Benegas Online Registration and save Benegas Points. Choose to pay out your deposit or redeem your Benegas Points in the Benegas Shop for discounts of up to 75% on the best days out and the most beautiful products.

Discover the benefits of this lightweight gas bottle

  1. Light weight

Up to 50% lighter than steel bottles of the same capacity. Spacious handles for easy lifting.

  1. Does not rust

The durable composite material does not rust. So no ugly stains on the terrace, in the caravan or boat, for example.

  1. Transparent

Thanks to the transparency of the Benegas Light, you can see how much gas is in the bottle. No surprise from an empty bottle.

  1. safer

Benegas Light has no risk of explosion. In an open fire situation, the inner wall releases gas in a controlled manner under extreme pressure.

What do you use Benegas Light for?

✓ BBQing
✓ Camping
✓ Sailing
✓ Patio heating
✓ Weed burning

A few tips to make your camping or BBQ adventure safer.

  • Never place the gas bottle in direct sunlight or under the BBQ
  • When using, place the Benegas Light bottle upright and on a dry, flat surface
  • Preferably store the bottle outside under a roof
  • Provide adequate ventilation close to the ground, especially when changing the bottle.

Would you like more information to use your gas bottle as safely as possible? View on 10 golden safety rules.

Unique plastic construction

The Benegas Light bottle is made of high-quality plastics and is therefore durable because the bottle lasts a long time.

The inner wall is made from one piece and has no welds or glue connections. The fiberglass reinforcement has created a light, yet extremely strong and safe construction. The tap is protected by a plastic collar.

The plastic is resistant to chemicals and the UV coating prevents the plastic from aging. The material does not rust and the smart design makes the bottle stackable. All this makes Benegas Light a safe choice!

CO2 compensation

By CO2compensation, the gas in this gas bottle is green. At Benegas Light we find sustainability very important! All propane gas is offset with Carbon Credits with which we offset CO2 emissions.

Start your camping adventure with confidence and enthusiasm with the Benegas Light gas bottle! Whether you are a novice camper or a seasoned adventurer, with the Benegas Light gas bottle you can start your holiday adventures with a safe feeling.

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