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Man and woman look at a caravan to buy If you are looking for the ideal way to sell your caravan, Camperscaravans is the website you are looking for. We are the marketplace for it buy en sold of motorhomes and caravans, and offer you the best results for selling your vehicle. With our website you can offer your caravan to a wide audience of interested parties, and you are assured of a quick and successful sale.

But what exactly makes Camperscaravans so popular with caravan sellers? And why would you choose to sell your caravan via our website? Below we give you some reasons why Camperscaravans is the best choice for selling your caravan.

Why sell your caravan via

  1. Our website attracts many visitors. Due to the wide range of motorhomes and caravans, our website is very popular with people looking for a new vehicle. This means that your caravan is visible to a wide audience and that you can expect quick responses from interested parties.
  2. We also offer a user-friendly website. Placing an ad is easy and only takes a few minutes. You only need to create an account, and then you can enter all your caravan data. Add photos of your caravan and specify the price you want to sell it for. Then click on 'Send', and your caravan will immediately be visible to the general public.
  3. You can advertise for a competitive price. With us you do not pay a high sales commission or other costs. You only pay a small one-off fee for placing your ad. This means that you can offer your caravan for a competitive price, without having to pay high costs. This way you can say goodbye to your caravan quickly and easily, and you will have a nice amount in your account in no time.
  4. Finally, we offer an extensive range. Our website is accessible to everyone, and attracts visitors from all over the country. This means that your caravan is also visible to buyers from other regions, and that you have a greater chance of selling your caravan quickly.

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