€25 discount on cleaning

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Get €25 discount on cleaning

The days are getting longer, spring is coming! Time for maintenance and cleaning for your motorhome!

Wash & polish
Having your motorhome professionally washed and polished by Travelsmaker guarantees a radiant and beautiful end result. How nice is it to travel again with a fresh clean camper. Washing a motorhome is a big job, you have to use the right products. Waxing the roof or the front of the motorhome also requires craftsmanship. We have the knowledge and experience to professionally clean your motorhome, for both the inside and the outside of your motorhome. Washing, Nano treatment, polishing, waxing, the choice is yours!
This means that we can not only thoroughly clean the outside for you, but also keep the inside of the motorhome clean and fresh. We do the washing and polishing carefully and accurately. Even the edges of the roof hatches are included by us during cleaning. The prices for cleaning depend on the length of your motorhome. You can opt for a complete cleaning or, for example, only have the outside washed. Or just have the front, the nose, cleaned.

For more information about cleaning at Travelsmaker, go to www.travelsmaker.nl

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