Free cell core replacement with Fresh Water System purchase

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Get Free Cell Core Replacement When Buying Fresh Water System

Tank-O3 fresh water system is a small built-in system for the clean water tank. On the basis of electrolysis, oxygen (O2) is converted into ozone (O3). Since ozone is an extremely strong, odorless and tasteless, and due to the minimal production not a dangerous oxidant, the Tank-O3 fresh water system ensures that the water in the water tank, but also the clean water tank itself, remains completely germ-free. Tank-O3 kills all bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and ensures that the entire water system always remains free of bacteria and biofilm. This is a unique feature that no other system or resource can provide.

Tank-O3 fresh water system has been nominated for the Kampeer Sustainability Award in 2022, which is why when you buy a Tank-O3 fresh water system you will receive a cell core worth € 39,95 for FREE.

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