CampersCaravans Magazine

The camping magazine in the Netherlands!

CampersCaravans Magazine has been the magazine with the largest camping range in the Netherlands since 1997. Offer from both private individuals and companies, both new and used. In 2021, four major editions will be published, filled with a varying range of motorhomes and caravans. The magazine is also full of the latest camping news: from critical camper or caravan tests to the best camping routes and camping areas.

CampersCaravans Magazine is distributed through various points of sale throughout the Netherlands. CampersCaravans Magazine, for example, is for sale at magazine stores such as Ako, Primera, The Readshop and Bruna. You can find the magazine in the car magazine shelf in the store. In addition, the magazine is also available at various camping companies, campsites and petrol stations along the highway.

CampersCaravans Magazine

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