Rent a camper or caravan?

Camping: it is not for nothing more popular than ever. And all the way from a comfortable camper or caravan. For anyone who does not yet have the budget for such a large purchase, it is ideal to rent a camper or caravan. If you are going to use a motorhome less than 10 times a year, then it is better to choose motorhome rental in terms of costs. And whether you are looking for a motorhome rental company, or you are going to rent a mini caravan privately: there are many possibilities. How about renting a cute bus camper and exploring Europe? Or rent a large caravan for the whole family? We answer 5 questions about renting motorhomes and caravans.

Below we answer all kinds of questions you may have about renting a motorhome or caravan.

5 questions about renting your motorhome or caravan

Are you looking for a camper or caravan to rent? Five questions and answers about renting a motorhome or caravan.

There are companies that offer motorhomes or caravans for rent. These are often dealers who also sell motorhomes and caravans. Sometimes they rent out a camper or caravan for a season, after which they put it up for sale. As a result, you can enjoy a holiday in relatively new models.

Of course there are also many owners who rent out their motorhome or caravan. After all, it is a shame if it is not used for a large part of the year. Private rental companies of campers and caravans can be found via various sharing platforms, such as Goboony, Camptoo and PaulCamper. This way you can rent hundreds of caravans and motorhomes privately. You can also offer your caravan or motorhome for rent there.

Pay attention to the conditions for caravan rental and camper rental. They differ per company. What is included in the price? How many free kilometers do you get? Does it include chairs, tables and other camping equipment? You may have to pay more for these extras. Renting a cheap camper can suddenly turn out to be a lot more expensive.

Also good to check when renting caravans and motorhomes is the deductible. If there is damage, the costs will be recovered from you as a tenant. Be careful, the control is often strict. A camper or caravan is expensive. Therefore, take photos of the condition of the rental camper or caravan in advance. Especially if you see damage, it is useful to report it immediately and record it on image. Go through the camper or caravan together with the landlord: is everything working properly?

How long you can rent a caravan or camper differs per rental company. So carefully research the various options, prices and available data. It may be that the rental period at a company is at least one week. The days that you can pick up and return the camper or caravan are often already fixed. This can be different with private landlords, where you can sometimes rent the camper or caravan for a night or weekend. Are you going to rent a caravan or camper for a longer period of time? Then estimate how many kilometers you are going to make. Does that fall within the number of free kilometers?

Since there is a huge variety in camper rental and caravan rental, there are also all kinds of models with all ages. Which one you choose mainly depends on your wishes and your budget. Would you like to rent a new motorhome, which will then go on sale? Then take a look at the dealers who, in addition to selling, also rent out caravans and motorhomes. Or do you want to rent a retro caravan? Cozy as a couple on an adventure through Europe. Small campers and caravans are also available for rent from companies, private individuals and sharing platforms.

Never been on holiday with a camper or caravan? Then it is good to know which driver's license you actually need. It mainly depends on the weight of the camper or caravan that you are going to rent. Up to a certain weight, you can use your normal B driving license with both a camper or caravan on the road. However, there is a limit, after which you need an extra driver's license. For a caravan, that limit is 750 kilos, with a total weight of 3500 kilos. For a camper, this limit is 3500 kilos. Is the rental camper or caravan heavier? Then you need an extra driver's license. So check this carefully.

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