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The best floors for your camper

The best floors for your camper

If you're planning to get started with RV conversions, one of the most important decisions you'll need to make is what materials you want to use to make your vehicle's floor. RV floors should not only be durable and easy to clean, but also be comfortable underfoot and visually appealing. A lava stone floor is certainly recommended in that regard, but generally not really suitable for installation in a camper. This does apply to the following floors!

Laminate flooring

Laminate floors are a popular choice of flooring material in a caravan. This floor is durable, scratch and stain resistant and easy to clean. Because it comes in all types of finishes, such as wood look and stone look when placed over a plywood subfloor, it's hard to beat a better option for your RV conversion. There are a few reasons why RV enthusiasts choose this flooring style, as it offers the best top-of-the-line look as it is a thicker, more durable, moisture-resistant finished floor look. Although it does require specialized tools, the real wood option is worth using as the top layer of floor finishing. To install this you will need a flat surface, but this can sometimes be secured with a layer of rigid foam board insulation instead of using a plywood floor to cover the entire floor.


Vinyl floors are one of the most popular flooring options for RVs. These floors are incredibly durable, affordable and easy to clean. Thanks to the smooth material, sweeping and removing dirt is very easy. There are a variety of vinyl flooring styles, including colors, patterns, sheets, or a luxury vinyl plank to cover the entire floor of your wheeled camper. A vinyl camper floor can be found at most hardware stores. Builders choose this flooring option because it is a lightweight material. Vinyl floors are generally installed with adhesive, whether it is added during installation or pre-installed with a sticky backing. This makes the RV flooring option desirable and easy for anyone to install on the metal floor with or without coated floor.


Cork floors are an environmentally friendly and sustainable option for RV floors. It also acts as a natural insulation and has sound-dampening properties. Cork floors are available in different colors and patterns and are relatively easy to install in your RV. Cork floors can be installed with a plywood subfloor underneath, with a rubber floor base, or a floating installation where the materials simply lie on the floor or insulation layer of the RV. It is important to note and see how cork can absorb moisture at a decent rate, as it is not water resistant it is easily damaged compared to other flooring materials of the same thickness. If you plan to do a lot of outdoor activities or place this material in the garage of your DIY RV.

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