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Tips for a day away in your own country with the camper

Tips for a day away in your own country with the camper

Would you like to get away for a day with the camper? Then you've come to the right place! We share a number of great outings that are suitable for the whole family. While we often think of a camper as a holiday, this is not necessary at all. How nice is it, for example, to go to a nearby nature park and stay there all day. The advantage of a day away with the camper is that you have everything at hand and are therefore not dependent on a toilet, for example. Because we can imagine that you may not immediately come to mind when it comes to fun outings with the whole family, we have a number of tips for you. The nice thing about our tips is that we have taken everyone into account, so whether you prefer to enjoy nature or just want to stroll through the streets of a pleasant city, it is all possible!

Day at the campsite

If you regularly stay at the campsite with the whole family, it is also nice to go for a day in the spring, for example. The children in particular know exactly what there is to do, which gives you as parents the opportunity to relax for a while. Because it is of course fun to do something together, we also have a number tips for a day out with your family to, for example, the zoo, the amusement park or another fun activity where everyone can enjoy themselves. If you are at a campsite that is a bit of a drive away, you can also choose to stay the night. That's a good idea, especially on weekends. This way you don't have to take the time into account and you can drive back home quietly the next day.

National parks

The Netherlands is known for its beautiful nature and national parks. Put on your walking shoes and go with the whole family to the Hoge Veluwe, the Biesbosch or one of the many other parks that we know in the Netherlands. It is useful to check carefully which one is closest, so that you do not have to drive to the other side of the country for a day trip. How nice is it, for example, to first take a long walk through nature together and then have a nice bite to eat together in the camper. Especially in a more luxurious camper, you will of course have access to your own kitchen and you can therefore cook well.

Involve the children in your decision

We have now talked about fun outings, but it is useful to also discuss this with the kids. Suppose they are not eager to go for a walk, this can create an unpleasant situation before you have to leave. For example, ask them what they really enjoy doing, but also what they definitely don't feel like doing. This way you can decide together what the fun will ultimately be.

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