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Camping in Germany: Osnabrücker Land

Camping in Germany: Osnabrücker Land

A fairytale landscape with winding rivers, ancient forests and peat swamps. It's hard to believe that dinosaurs once walked here. And further? Battles, saltwater springs, dolmens and… a surprisingly nice campsite. Welcome to the Osnabrücker Land!

They lived here 150 million years ago: dinosaurs. In the town of Bad Essen you can still find their enormous footprints and during guided tours the guide will tell you all about these enormous beasts. You can of course take nice selfies with the two lifelike replica dinosaurs that have been recreated here.

Dino - Photo Klaus Herzmann

Cycling through Osnabrücker Land

But there is much more to discover here in the Osnabrücker Land. There are cycle paths here with a total length of 2.800 kilometers. Theme routes, such as those past 11 monumental mills, some of which are still fully operational. There you can buy freshly baked mill bread and at other mills you can see how trees are sawn into planks. Other nice routes for cycling are those along the Hase River, or all the way to Paderborn.

Nice walk in Germany

Walking routes near Melle

And for those who like walking: visit Melle. In this city you can visit five moated castles and one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the region starts at the lookout tower on the Beutlingberg, over the Wiehen Mountains and straight through the Teutoburgerwald. Or you can walk the DiVa route, an abbreviation for a walk through the land of the Dinosaurs and the Varus battle, where captain Hermannus drove the Romans out of the area - his 53-meter-high statue is not to be missed in Detmold.

Saltwater springs and spas

Wellness enthusiasts will also get their money's worth in the Osnabrücker Land. You can visit the salt water springs in Bad Essen, Bad Laer or Bad Iburg, one of the most famous spa towns in Germany. You can also 'cure' in Bad Rothenfelde: the town is an officially recognized medicinal spa with carbonated salt water, salt caves and the 'Gradierwerke': a meter high wall where salt is extracted using straw.


70 dolmens

There are also 70 dolmens in this region – some older than the pyramids in Egypt. The dolmens have names like the Glaner Braut, Kleinenkneter Steine ​​and Heidenopfertisch - and you don't need much imagination to realize that these dolmens were not only used as graves, but also to sacrifice pagans to the gods...

Camping Campotel

Tips in Osnabrücker Land

Camping tip

Campotel, in Bad Rothenfelde: run by the cheerful Dutch campsite owner Johan Bos. More information:

You must do it

With the night watchman through the dark streets of Osnabrück, the same tour that was made for 250 years, until 1913. More information:

Kletterwald Ibbenbüren

With the children

Kletterwald Ibbenbüren, with 10 routes between the treetops at a height of 14 meters... If you dare! More information:

You have to taste it

The Food Festival 'Osnabrück isst gut' will be held from 21 to 25 August on the historic Marktplatz in Osnabrück. Including a spectacular light show at the Marienkerk.

Wide range of campers and caravans

Looking for a camper or caravan with which you can explore Osnabrücker Land? Our website contains a large and current range of campers and caravans. View the offer here

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