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On holiday to Croatia: sun-drenched Istria

On holiday to Croatia: sun-drenched Istria

Sun, sea, bliss. Istria, the heart-shaped peninsula of Croatia, is popular with Dutch tourists. Not surprising, with romantic pebble beaches, an enchanting interior and coastal towns such as dreamy Rovinj.

It was once an island, but since 1763 it has been connected to the coast: Rovinj, the most photographed town in Istria. A hill actually, completely built up with picturesque houses with red tiles that reflect their silhouette in the calm sea. Behind their facades lie beautiful little alleys, paved with large natural stone tiles, none of which are identical. Actually, everything is beautiful here. During the day it is packed with tourists - not even early in the morning. Then you wander around the narrow streets alone.

Cycling route Parenzana

The beautiful coastline and pebble beaches are the main tourist attractions, but for those who like to get active, the Parenzana is recommended: a beautiful cycling route – for mountain bikes – on a former railway line from Trieste (Italy) to Porec in Croatia . The railway dates from 1902 but was demolished in 1935 on the orders of Mussolini because he wanted to have the steel rails melted down into weapons for the war in Africa.

The Parenzana also visits the town of Livade, known for its truffles: a fungus that grows underground, usually in oak forests. Farmers use dogs to find them.

The town of Livade is known for its truffles.
The town of Livade is known for its truffles.

Groznjan and the Brioni Islands

Another nice village inland is Groznjan, up in the mountains. The higgledy-piggledy houses now house one artist's studio after another - fun to stroll through. Another nice trip is to the Brioni Islands, once the summer residence of Yugoslavia President Tito, who received many other heads of state, dignitaries and famous actors there. Special features include its own drive-in cinema - with room for only one car -, Tito's private zoo and the Roman ruins, where you can still clearly see how olives were pressed.

Camping in Istria

You can camp at super luxurious holiday parks such as Lanterna and the completely renovated Istra Camp Premium Resort, a five-star campsite on its own mini peninsula with beautiful places, two great restaurants and a sanitary building that is unmatched anywhere in Europe. Both campsites are part of Valamar, which has many more campsites in Croatia (

The beautiful coastline and pebble beaches are the main tourist attractions
The beautiful coastline and pebble beaches are the main tourist attractions

Other tips on Istria

You must do it

By mountain bike along the Parenzana cycle route. Preferably downhill, from Groznan to Livade – the most beautiful part! Also possible with children from 8 years old.

With the children

To the Brioni Islands, by ferry from Fazana. There you can also visit the private zoo of former Yugoslavia president Tito.

You must try

Truffles! There are approximately 60 truffle hunters active around Livade and Zigante restaurant in Livade even has an extensive truffle menu, from starter to dessert.

Wide range of campers and caravans

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