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Holiday in Portugal: discover the warm south

Holiday in Portugal: discover the warm south

Sun, sea, bliss: Portugal is a popular holiday destination for many campers. The mild climate, 800 kilometers of coastline and a fantastic food culture attract thousands of Dutch people to the warm south every year. Is a holiday in Portugal something for you?

You won't actually find mass tourism in Portugal - mainly because it is a bit further away. The route goes straight through Spain and is easy to drive. There are excellent campsites along the way in Spain for an overnight stay. If you want to go on holiday to Portugal, you can find the current travel advice at

The Algarve

The biggest tourist attraction in Portugal is the Algarve, with its beautiful beaches. But you can also find them on the Costa de Lisboa or the Costa Verde. The dizzying ravines in the Serra da Estrela also attract many nature lovers - they are great for hiking and birdwatching.

Enjoy the coast of Portugal.
Enjoy the coast of Portugal.

Enjoying the fado music

The highlight of your holiday is a visit to the capital Lisbon. Perfect for strolling around the center and the romantic neighborhoods with their narrow streets. Also nice to visit: the snow-white villages in the Alentejo region and the beautiful palaces of Sintra. You can enjoy good food and drinks everywhere in cozy restaurants, where you can also immerse yourself in fado music: the Portuguese life song that used to be sung only in old pubs. Fado has now grown into a recognized singing art that you can also enjoy in more luxurious entertainment venues.

A street in Lisbon.
One of the streets in Lisbon.

You can camp at large and small campsites – the smaller ones are often managed by associations or municipalities and only offer basic facilities. For more comfort and luxury you can go to the larger campsites. In the Algarve of course, but also on the Costa Verde – the green coast – near Porto, on the coast near Lisbon: the Costa de Lisboa. Many golf courses have been created in this region especially for golf enthusiasts. Finally, a tip if you are in Portugal in August: the Sardines Festival in Portimão, in the first half of August. With music, fireworks, music performances everywhere and of course barbecues on every street corner. Bomb proveito!!

Palace da Pena
Palace da Pena

Tips during your holiday in Portugal

You must do it

To walk! The Algarve Route is a 250 km long walking route from the Spanish border at Alcoutim to Cabo de Sao Vicente, the most southwestern point of Portugal.

Look at that

One of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal is Praia da Marinha, with crystal clear water, extensive beach and rugged cliffs. Then book a boat excursion to the caves.

You must try

Popular dishes: Sardines Assadas (sardines from the grill), Frango Assado com piri-piri (chicken) and Ameijoas Cataplana: a dish with fresh shellfish, raw ham and tomatoes.

Sardines from the grill.
Sardines from the grill.

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