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Camping: experience the freedom

Camping: experience the freedom

De Camperij or, as is often said, was created purely out of passion for campers. They want you to get value for your money. It is not without reason that they say; 'we don't want customers, we want ambassadors'.

Of course they advertise and exhibit their offerings. In addition, their goal is to have every camper sold leave with a new ambassador of the Camperij.

De Camperij handles all brands, especially A-segment, and specializes in the Adria brand. They don't just sell campers, they are happy to give advice when it is within their knowledge. They also provide other services such as mediation in both sales and purchasing.

De Camperij has a specialization in Adria

They can help you sell your camper, but they also do this if you want to buy a camper. This can be as a search query or, for example, during import guidance when you have found a camper yourself. In addition, they also provide appraisals, options and accessories and they regularly have a range of recently used items, such as towbars, alloy rims, bicycle carriers, LPG gas cylinders, awning walls, and so on.

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Wide range

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