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CUBEcamp sleep system: comfort of home

CUBEcamp sleep system: comfort of home

A sore back, stiff neck or shoulders; many campers insist on it. That is not surprising, because the bed in a camper or caravan is usually less comfortable than the bed at home. But with the CUBEcamp sleeping system you can also create a nice place to sleep in your camper or caravan.

CUBEcamp is an under-mattress sleeping system. Seven zones ensure pleasant sleeping comfort. The system consists of spring plates that you click on a grid. You assemble this grid yourself and can therefore make it in any shape or size. Whether you have a French bed, a queen bed or a narrow single bed, it always fits. You can place the system on an existing slatted base or on a flat surface. In the latter case, it provides ventilation space under your mattress. The spring plates are available in different colors, all of which have their own hardness. So you can fully customize them. You can set seven zones in total. Because the spring plates are placed across the entire width of the mattress, they also provide support at the edge.


If you are looking for more sleeping comfort, or if you have physical complaints after a night in the camper or caravan, you can upgrade your bed with the CUBEcamp sleeping system for an affordable price. The sleeping system is available in two sizes. Set 44 is 70/80 x 200 centimeters and Set 60 is 90/100 x 200 centimeters.

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