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The iSmove 7.3F: more space

The iSmove 7.3F: more space

Campers from Niesmann+Bisschof promise unforgettable travel experiences and carefree enjoyment. The German camper builder makes exclusive campers with a high level of luxury and comfort. A new version of one of the Niesmann+Bischoff models recently came onto the market: the iSmove 7.3F.

The successful launch of the 6.9E led to a new version: the iSmove 7.3F. iSmove campers are mainly aimed at a younger generation. You can read about that here .

The new iSmove 7.3F, like the 6.9E, is under 3,5 tons and smaller than 7 meters, but 30 cm longer than the 6.9E. The integral camper has considerably more space than other campers in this class. In addition, the camper meets the latest requirements when it comes to comfort and design.

Island bed

What makes the iSmove 7.3F different from the 6.9E is the sleeping facility. Where the 6.9E has single beds, the 7.3F has a real island bed. This island bed is two meters long. In addition, which will be appreciated by many campers, this island bed does not have the usual 'cuts' that are normally in the foot area.

iSmove 7.3F
The island bed of the iSmove 7.3F

Storage miracle

The iSmove 7.3F offers plenty of storage space. Under the new island bed there are four large drawers that are equipped with central locking. The steps on the floor also provide additional storage space.

iSmove 7.3 F
Storing clothes is easy

With the iSmove 7.3F you can travel with a total of five people. The optional folding chair in the camper makes this possible.

Interested in the iSmove 7.3F? Do here an interactive tour in the camper!

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