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The Karsten Touring awning (New)

The Karsten Touring awning (New)

The Karsten Touring Awning (New)

New from the Karsten Tenten workshop: the Karsten Touring Awning. Made from 100% Ten Cate cotton and only 1 sturdy, pre-bent aluminum bow pole. Just relax and enjoy. That state!


Setting up the Karsten Touring awning is a breeze. The secret? That's it in the smart pole system: 1 pre-bent awning pole made of sturdy yet lightweight aluminum. Simply feed the pole through the pole slot on the outside of the awning, which has a zipper. Zip the slot closed, insert the ridge girder, tighten it a bit, and it's ready.

The Karsten Touring is tailored to the horizontal part of the string rails. This makes it universal in use for both caravans and campervans with string rails from 275 cm. It is made in 275, 300, 325 and 350 centimeters wide. And because there is no accounting for taste, it comes in 2 colours: classic beige and modern grey. The quality is the same, only the color is different.

Ten Cate's carefully selected, high-quality cotton is resistant to all weather influences. And the aluminum frame may weigh next to nothing, but it's as strong as steel. Karsten has been using these types of frames for decades in the famous camping tents, which are known to be particularly storm-resistant. And that's great, because when you finally go camping, it should of course be a carefree camping holiday. Optional are the interchangeable side walls, with or without a window. That makes it nice and flexible!

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