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Dobo Caravans: specialist in tandem axles

Dobo Caravans: specialist in tandem axles

In 10 years, Dobo Caravans from Olst, Overijssels, has grown into a specialist that you cannot ignore if you are interested in a larger caravan. It is the only one in the Netherlands that actually has tandem axles of all relevant brands in the showroom here.

What once started in the backyard with a few units is now a caravan paradise at the old site of Ton Jansen Recreatie where approximately 600 caravans are waved goodbye every year. And with a brand new dealership in LMC's complete program, a significant number can be added to this number.

The market for larger caravans with a double axle is smaller than the entry-level and middle segment. Yet Dobo Caravans has consciously chosen to specialize in this niche. The reason for this is easy to explain, other companies do not do that. There may be a single tandem axle model elsewhere, but you usually have to order the largest model from a caravan manufacturer from the brochure.

This is not the case with Dobo Caravans. You can see, walk in and try out these exclusive models. With different layouts, color schemes and levels of comfort, you can buy one that suits you best. This is a lot more difficult from a photo. There are usually about 150 to 200 young used and new cars on the outdoor areas and indoor showroom of Dobo Caravans.

You can see, walk in and try out exclusive models.
You can see, walk in and try out exclusive models.

Diverse customer base

Tandem axles are of course perfectly suitable for people at the camp, the fair or the circus. These are caravans that you can live in for a longer period of time without any problems. But this is not the largest group that makes a purchase. The majority of the customers Dobo serves are couples, families, pensioners or people who, for example, need temporary accommodation during renovations. This is not limited to Dutch customers. Dobo Caravans also supplies tandem axles to Germany, Belgium, France, Bulgaria, Sweden or Spain.

A second home

A tandem axle trailer offers the space of a mobile home but remains a camping vehicle that you can simply take on the road. Normal is somewhat relative in this case, with just 2 tons on the towbar you need a car that can handle that weight. The dimensions are large, which you obviously have to take into account on a picturesque village street or tiny country road. But you remain mobile, it is possible to hook up the caravan for the next destination.

Yet most tandem axle owners use their caravan as a second home in the countryside. During the week in the real house. Relax in your own apartment on wheels during the weekends or holidays. With an awning and an awning you can triple the space that was already plentiful. Something a hotel room can't match.

Dobo Caravans is a one-stop shopping address.
Dobo Caravans is a one-stop shopping address.

Dealership LMC caravans

Dobo Caravans has always opted for freedom without dealer obligations. But that will change this year. Now it is not too bad to give up freedom, but a dealership has been entered into for the complete range of LMC caravans. That didn't just come out of the blue. LMC has always been a favorite brand name at Dobo Caravans. This initially resulted in the exclusive dealership in the Exquisit VIP series. The top model from LMC, which is only available from Dobo Caravans in the Netherlands. With the Lord Brillant series it becomes even more exclusive. These LMC Caravans were designed by Dobo itself.

The basis is the Exquisit VIP series, but what is optional is standard in the Lord Brillant for approximately the same price. A decorative fireplace, preparation for air conditioning, LED lighting, leather upholstery or a heavier chassis are some examples that make the Lord Brillant series over-complete. The sales success of Dobo Caravans in these exclusive models has meant that LMC would like to award the entire caravan program to Dobo. A commercial interest for LMC, a recognition for Dobo for 10 years of hard work on the right track.


Dobo Caravans is a one-stop shopping address. Everything related to the purchase of a caravan also takes place here. Maintenance, installation of additional accessories or damage repair is carried out by Caravanservice Salland. The workshop of this independent company is located in the Dobo Caravans building. It goes without saying that there is close cooperation between these two companies. But financing, sales of parts and accessories to the transport of a bulky tandem axle to your favorite campsite in the Netherlands or Europe can all be arranged by Dobo Caravans.

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