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Holtkamper Aero: design wonder with smart discoveries

Holtkamper Aero: design wonder with smart discoveries

The trailer tent has made a huge comeback in recent years. The modern tent trailer combines the primal feeling of camping with comfort and ease of set-up. We look at a trailer tent from the premium segment: the Holtkamper Aero MTT Limited Edition, a brand with 90 years of experience.

Folding trailers have undergone enormous development in a short time. Once upon a time, setting up such a 'folding cart' was a kind of party game at the campsite with spectators who turned their camping chairs around specifically for it. Modern folding trailers can now be set up in a few minutes, because the mounting systems have undergone a revolution in recent years. Also at 'good old' Holtkamper: a Dutch brand with decades of experience and countless patents.

The Aero is designed in such a way that you can easily set it up on your own without Windforce.
The Aero is designed in such a way that you can easily set it up on your own without Windforce.

Luxury promotional model

The Holtkamper Aero MTT Limited Edition is a simplified version of the Aero without Windforce attachment system. This creates a luxury promotional model in a limited edition of 20 pieces, with an attractive price. The Aero is designed in such a way that you can easily set it up on your own without Windforce. The stainless steel frame folds out easily using gas springs and a single, long carbon tube forms the entire supporting structure of the awning. This means no guy lines and tent poles are needed. Thanks to its special construction, you can also camp overnight without tent pegs - which makes the Aero ideal for traveling around.

The Holtkamper Aero is built on a braked AL-KO chassis with 14 inch wheels. The Aero Limited Edition is equipped with the Holtkamper Wagon package, consisting of a spare wheel with mounting bracket, alloy wheels, AL-KO drawbar lock, shock absorbers, a cold foam mattress and a soft-top that protects the trailer tent against rain and dirt while on the road. Thanks to the Pack-N-Go system, holiday luggage is always accessible without having to unfold the trailer tent.

The beautiful arch shapes of the large canopy.
The beautiful arch shapes of the large canopy.

Living, eating, sleeping

The Aero has a large interior space with a fixed (removable) cockpit groundsheet that folds when opened. The living area is equipped with the Membrane Airco Tent System, a Holtkamper invention with a roof of three layers of tent cloth that prevents condensation and provides ventilation and insulation. The cotton sleeping cabin is located on the wagon body, containing a comfortable bed of no less than 215 cm in length, mounted on a slatted base that hinges upwards with gas springs. This way you can easily access your holiday belongings in the luggage compartment.

Kitchen of the Holtkamper Aero.
Kitchen of the Holtkamper Aero.

Outside the living area of ​​the Holtkamper Aero we see the beautiful arched shapes of the large awning that is held up by the large carbon tent pole. This provides a lot of space to move around because there are no tent poles in the way. Bleached Egyptian cotton was used for the tent canvas: Holtkamper's trademark. The cotton is lightweight and very densely woven, creating optimal waterproofness, combined with great breathability. This creates a nice indoor climate, both in the sun and on bad days.

The promotional model of the Aero is standard equipped with the luxurious MTT (Multi Talent Trailer) kitchen with gas stove, sink, storage space for cooking utensils and a refrigerator. The kitchen hangs at the back of the wagon body, so you can cook under the awning. When camping, the drawbar is at the back - this will not bother you during your stay at the campsite.

The kitchen hangs at the back of the wagon body.
The kitchen hangs at the back of the wagon body.

Conclusion Holtkamper Aero

Holtkamper is in the premium segment of trailer tents. First-class materials are also used in the Aero Limited Edition and this is reflected in the price. For the same money you can buy a new caravan, with which the Aero can easily compete, with its slatted base, comfort mattress, smart outdoor kitchen and the single-pole awning that provides a lot of living space. An additional advantage is that the Aero fits effortlessly behind compact and even electric passenger cars: with a total weight of 750 kilos, you hardly feel that there is anything behind the car.


+/+ quality and design
+/+ ease of setup
-/- price

Technical information

Chassis: AL-KO chassis with overrun brake and reversing automatic
Tent frame: stainless steel and carbon

Length: 420 cm (incl. kitchen)
Width: cm 180
Height: 120 cm

Number of sleeping places: 2
Bed dimensions: 155×215 cm

Curb weight: 550 kg
Max. permitted mass: 750 kg
Load capacity: 200 kg

Price from €16.995

More information can be found at

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