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Holtkamper trailer tents: the renewed Kyte

Holtkamper trailer tents: the renewed Kyte

The top model of Holtkamper folding trailers has been the Kyte for years. A sporty tent trailer with a striking single-pole awning that is stretched like a kite. Hence the name. Holtkamper also uses this awning in newer models such as the Aero and Nano. And for the coming model year, Holtkamper has overhauled the Kyte itself.

The biggest adjustment can be seen at the rear. This is now equipped with a robust plastic bumper in an 'off-road look', with a sporty diffuser underneath for some extra downforce when you drag the trailer along the Autobahn at 250. (definitely don't do this).

The lighting is also equipped with LEDs for a higher light output and lower energy consumption. The fenders have also been changed, partly to make room for the larger 15-inch alloy wheels. Holtkamper has also changed the color scheme of the Kyte. A minimalist but powerful combination of natural tones has been selected for this.

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