Posted: 23-12-2019 Written by: Laurens Koster Reading time: less than 1 minute
Environmental zones stricter again

Environmental zones stricter again

Many existing environmental zones become a step stricter every year. For example, tightened standards will apply to Antwerp and Amsterdam for next year.

The so-called Low Emission Zone in Antwerp is only accessible to diesels with a Euro standard 5 or higher. Euro standard 4 can only enter the zone until 2025 after payment. The first fine is 150 euros. If you make a mistake a second or third time, the amount will increase to 250 and 350 euros.

From November 1, only diesels from year 2005 onwards are welcome in Amsterdam's environmental zones. In other words, from environmental class four. The Amsterdam zone covers the area within the A10 ring road. About 8000 residents will have to look for a new car.

The government wants to prevent every municipality in our country from coming up with its own rules. That is why only two types could be chosen as of January 1, 2020. A zone that refuses diesel cars aged 15 years and older or a zone that refuses diesel cars aged 20 years and older. These rules could be further tightened by 2025.

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