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Going to the campsite during the corona crisis?

Going to the campsite during the corona crisis?

The camping season officially started on April 1. But are you still allowed to camp in the current situation and are the campsites actually open? Even after the press conference on Tuesday evening, March 31, there is still uncertainty about this. We have listed what we do know for you.

In fact, most campsites themselves don't know where they stand. In principle, campsites may open as long as they comply with national and regional rules. And there is a difference, because there are 25 safety regions. And then there are also mayors who have been given the authority by the government to draw up rules themselves. This causes major differences between the various regions and municipalities.

There are regions for which campsites are still allowed to open on the condition that they close their sanitary facilities. This is not such a disaster for people who have a seasonal spot at a campsite, but it is for campers who do not have their own shower or toilet.

Campsite open

Everything closed in Zeeland

The safety region in Zeeland has decided that tourists must leave their holiday accommodation again. The closure of the holiday parks is one of the additional measures taken by the safety region to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The Rotterdam region has now followed this example. Many campsites elsewhere have decided to postpone the opening until there is more clarity. There are also many campers who cancel due to the corona crisis. In addition, there is a fairly large group of campers who have now chosen to move their holiday.

However, keeping the campsites open remains an option. Entrepreneurs are working hard to adapt the campsite according to the latest rules. At many campsites, keeping distance is not a problem. For some families, accommodation at a holiday park can be a solution. For example, for family members who perform a crucial profession. Some people also feel safer at the campsite than in a crowded apartment complex. As long as there is the possibility to keep distance and live in a camper or caravan with sanitary facilities.


The Free Recreation Foundation (SVR), to which more than 1200 farm campsites are affiliated, also sees that the rules differ greatly per region. For example Gelderland. In the regions of North and East Gelderland, campsites are allowed to open, but all communal areas, such as canteens and toilet blocks, must be closed. Although a mayor of a municipality can decide that a specific campsite must close after all.

This lack of clarity causes unrest. A national policy would be clearer in this respect. But, one campsite is not the same as the other. The advantage of the current approach is that it can be determined per campsite whether it is responsible to start the season.

Canceling your holiday

What should you do if you want to cancel or plan a camping holiday? Check the website and contact the relevant campsite. In the event of a cancellation, many campsites provide a voucher for later in the season. A working method that we had better sympathize with. Standing your ground and demanding money will mean that the majority of campsites will otherwise have to close permanently and then, once we overcome the current crisis, there will not be much recreation left.

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