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Dutch Caravan Club: all the benefits of membership

Dutch Caravan Club: all the benefits of membership

For an entire season, from April 1 to November 1, you can choose from twelve of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands to pitch the awning of your caravan. This is possible with a wandering subscription from the Dutch Caravan Club (NCC). This association of camping enthusiasts has strategically distributed camping sites under its own management throughout the Netherlands. With a membership you have access, there is almost always room. 

The Caravan Club is an association of approximately 1600 enthusiastic and active caravan owners. The association focuses on encouraging tourist use of caravans, at home and abroad. And she has been doing that for about 65 years. NCC members can use their own club grounds. Beautifully situated in the woods, with waterways on the doorstep or by the sea. 

Stray subscription

With a wandering subscription you can make affordable use of all the options that the Caravan Club locations offer. The rule is that you stay in one place for a maximum of 28 days. Then the idea is to get acquainted with the next area, because of course there is some wandering involved. This way you stay at at least 6 different campsites during the summer season, but without having to store your caravan in the garage in between. It can simply remain there when you have to go home. This way you have a permanent seasonal spot without it ever getting boring. 

Dutch Caravan Club

The applicable rates are, to put it mildly, affordable. Compared to a permanent place at an average campsite, a camping subscription can easily save half the price. This is made possible by volunteers who are responsible for the management and maintenance. All facilities that matter, such as clean and well-functioning sanitary facilities, are available at the NCC campsites. But a swimming pool, disco or entertainment do not fit in with the aim of offering price-friendly holiday fun. Membership of the Caravan Club costs €85 per year, but this is decreasing, as of June 1 it will only be €49,60. A wandering subscription costs € 1100 for a 6-month stay at the NCC campsites

Nature, peace and space

However, financial benefit is not the main motivation for becoming a member of the Caravan Club and purchasing a travel subscription. The common thread that runs through the NCC campsites is nature, peace and space. If that suits you, as an NCC member you will find what you were looking for at all 12 Caravan Club campsites.

Alphen aan den Rijn – Oudshoorn

Conviviality is synonymous with this camping site. Beautifully located in the Green Heart of the Netherlands between Alphen aan den Rijn and Ter Aar. Open all year round.

Belt-Schutsloot – 't Hoogland

Bordered by trees and reeds. And with its own harbor and slipway. National Park “De Wieden” is nearby for hours of boating, walking and cycling fun.

Blerick – De Spekberg

A nature reserve in the middle of the woods with the Maas in the immediate vicinity where there are many fun things to do, open all year round.

Brielle – De Spoonelaar

A literal oasis in the middle of the Maasvlakte. The tranquility is especially noticeable when taking the Brielse Maas - Noord exit. 

Callantsoog – De Ooster Nollen

In the north of the province of North Holland, in the middle of the dunes. On one side the North Sea beach and on the other side the bulb fields.

Dronten – The Abbertbos

A place for those seeking peace and quiet. Campers who want to wake up in the middle of the forest with bird sounds in the foreground.

Ellewoutsdijk – Zuudschorre

In the southern tip of Zuid-Beveland on the Western Scheldt. Behind a dike that provides a view of passing seagoing vessels on their way to Antwerp

Hardenberg – De Rolle

On the banks of the Overijsselse Vecht. Relax in a wooded area full of cycling and walking paths.

Heerde – De Dellen

In a protected nature reserve. Take endless trips by bike or on foot. The Dellen is part of the free game course of the Northeast Veluwe.

Ugchelen – De Sprengen

In the middle of the forests, intersected by bubbling springs, a stream dug by people and fed by groundwater.

Zeewolde – De Distel

250 pitches in the largest contiguous deciduous forest in Europe. Many activities are organized in this area. Open all year round.

Zuidwolde – De Krententerp

Atmospheric currant trees on a Drenthe mound.  Plenty of nature with your caravan or camper in between.

A few weeks to Austria or Italy is of course also possible. The NCC membership card entitles you to discounts at more than 3.000 campsites in Europe. But during holidays in the Netherlands, activities for young and old are organized at various campsites. Most areas also have go-karts and children's toys for children up to the age of 12. Trips are also organized by and for members at home and abroad or technical advice is provided. The site managers are happy to give a tour to experience the atmosphere of the NCC campsites.

The Caravan Club also offers benefits for campers. The camping rate for members z is only € 16 per overnight stay per group of max. 4 people. Including shower, car, etc., but excluding electricity consumption and tourist tax. On you will find all information about the sites, subscriptions, storage options and rates. 

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