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New Fiat Ducato is the best ever

New Fiat Ducato is the best ever

The vast majority of campers have the Ducato as a basis. Fiat's success continues even after 38 years. A completely new version is in the pipeline for model year 2020.

A Ducato for all applications

The 2020 model ends up in a spread out bed. The Fiat Ducato is the European market leader for the fifth year and is number 1 in twelve countries. The car is the basic vehicle for three out of every four campers sold. This did not happen by itself, almost forty years of hard work have gone into achieving this success. The front-wheel drive powerhouse simply has the highest payload and axle loads, the most interior space and is available in countless versions.

Ducato 2020

Reliable Technology

Of course the Ducato is reliable. Whether it is used as a passenger bus, refrigerated van or camper. From model year 2020 there is a temp 6d engine under the hood. More efficient, more powerful and more environmentally friendly. Also available with a nine-speed automatic gearbox as an option. The lightest of its kind.

100% Electric

But there is more news about the Ducato. You could wait for it and it's almost here now. The very first fully electric Ducato will be launched on the market in all known body styles and loading volumes. The highest payload is a generous 1950 kilos. The range is between 220 and 360 kilometers.
Central to the design of the electric Ducato was the way customers use their car. This was monitored by Fiat market researchers for a year. The conclusion is that the market seems to be ready for it. Thanks to the rapid growth of online sales and therefore the courier services that populate the streets. We want to be able to drive into the environmental zone and the city center, which is often not allowed with an older diesel. In that respect, the Fiat Ducato Electric, together with its CNG/Biogas variant Natural Power, is an excellent alternative offering.

Ducato 2020

Impressive Performance from the Ducato

For efficient use of energy, the speed is limited to 100 kilometers. The maximum power is 90 kW. The maximum torque is 280 Nm. The electric drive does not come at the expense of the loading volume. The loading capacity of up to 1950 kilos is also not negatively affected. “To offer customers an electric variant with maximum efficiency in the most versatile van available,” said Fiat.

Ducato 2020

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