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Party at our dealers: special December promotions

Party at our dealers: special December promotions

The holidays are coming again! Days off and plenty of fun. Many of our dealers are tapping into the festive feeling with special December promotions. An excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the different models of campers and caravans that are on the market. See below where you should go for the best shows and the best discounts. 

Cor van den Oever

December promotions!

Camper and Caravan Center Cor van den Oever has a wide range of new and used caravans and campers. The company has more than 80 used caravans and campers in stock. And in December you can take advantage of offers on their stock of 2020 caravan and camper models.

Cor van den Oever
December promotions at Cor van den Oever
  • When purchasing a used caravan, you do not pay delivery costs for used caravans valued at € 325;
  • When you buy a new caravan you get an awning or caravan mover for free;
  • When you purchase a used camper, you get a 30% discount on electric folding bicycle(s) and you do not pay delivery costs of € 900;
  • When you purchase a new camper you will receive two electric folding bicycles worth €3.000 for free. You can also opt for a high trade-in price.
  • You will receive a €25 discount on the BOVAG maintenance for caravans, provided it is carried out before April 1, 2020.

Camper and Caravan Center Cor van den Oever
Berghemseweg 2a
5373 JH Herpen
0486 - 413 678

View it here camper and caravan offer by Cor van de Oever.

Bakker Campers


You normally have to be quick for real 'bargains', but anyone who visits Bakker Campers in Wenum Wiesel in the last month of this year 2019 can discover various interesting 'end-of-year' offers.

Bakker Campers
Bakker Campers

2019 was a good year for the camper specialist in the Veluwe, which has been around for more than 25 years. More and more people are discovering the benefits of traveling with a camper, often stimulated by the wonderful adventures experienced by the participants in the TV program “We are almost there.” A program that makes it clear that the journey is often more fascinating than the destination...

In addition, more and more people realize that money in the bank no longer yields anything, while you can enjoy a camper every day.

More campers than ever were sold at Bakker Campers, but due to trade-in and the offering of an increasingly wider range of new and as good as new units, the company is in danger of not having enough even on the 10.000 m2 exhibition site. There are currently more than 100 units waiting for a new owner and the supply is growing steadily. Hence the end-of-year clearance: space must be created.

To promote circulation, it remains possible to trade in your camper, caravan, car, motorcycle or boat. Thanks to a large network, you are always assured of a good trade-in price at Bakker Campers.

Zwolseweg 377-379
7345 AD Wenum-Wiesel

watch here the range of Bakker Campers on

Cor Olie

The end of year show!

Cor Olie is also in a festive mood and is therefore organizing an End of Year Show! With competitive end-of-year offers on almost the entire range. On Friday 27 and Saturday 28 December you are very welcome at Cor Olie from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm.

Cor Olie
Road and Forest 1
2661 DG Bergschenhoek (ZH)

watch here the offer of Cor Olie on

Tips are welcome!

Do you also have a nice tip for the holidays? Or do you have a nice Christmas or end-of-year show yourself? Let us know. Who knows, you might soon be listed on this page. call 020 – 211 10 10 or email

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