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Camper Casa: A real family business

Camper Casa: A real family business

You will find Camper Casa on the Noordervaart in Stompetoren. Once started with the rental of two campers, but has now grown into a major dealer. With 27 campers for rent and a showroom full of new and used campers, including brands such as Challenger and Carado.

When owner Marcel Oud was young, he converted his first bus into a camper bus. This was followed by a slightly larger bus, which was also too small with the arrival of children. His next goal was an alcove camper, but for those few weeks a year when the family could go on holiday, that was quite an investment. That is why he decided to rent out the camper in 2006, resulting in the birth of Camper Casa. He immediately bought two campers: an alcove and a semi-integrated.

GiottiLine Rental campers

In the years that followed, the rental supply grew. The company now has 27 campers to choose from. Renting a camper is ideal if you want to experience camping, but you do not have enough space or time for your own camper. Even if you want to try a camper before you buy it, renting is a good idea. It is quite a large expense.

Sales campers

In 2010, in addition to the rental of campers, the sale of campers was also added. Then Camper Casa became the Dutch importer of the Italian brand GiottiLine. In the years that followed, the company also became a dealer of Challenger, Carado and Plasy. New models are in stock, but used cars are also for sale from the rental market. Finally, every now and then there are also privately used used cars for sale after a trade-in.

Workshop Camper Casa

Workshop Camper Casa

Camper Casa has a workshop for maintenance and optimization of your current camper. You can go there for maintenance of the entire structure of your camper, or for example to install a refrigerator or shower. But also for repairing damage to the interior or exterior of the camper.

Wintering in Portugal

Another nice option at Camper Casa is a winter option in Portugal. This is a service especially for camper enthusiasts who also want to enjoy the sun during the winter months. Fly to Portugal and use one of the campers in the Algarve. This is a versatile area with the mildest climate in Europe, making a tour in the winter months very pleasant.

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