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Buying a caravan: what are popular caravan brands?

Buying a caravan: what are popular caravan brands?

What a choice! Even if you know that you want to buy a caravan, you still have a wide range of brands to choose from. We have listed six popular caravan brands for you. Helps you choose again.

When looking for a new or used caravan, it is important that you know what your personal preferences are. Because in addition to the usual needs, such as the number of people and the layout, you also have to deal with taste. The appearance and interior of caravans differs per model and per brand. What are the popular caravan brands? And which brand suits you? We list five brands for you: Knaus, Adria, Kip, Eriba, LMC and Dethleffs.

Knaus's swallows

We start directly with a major manufacturer: Knaus Tabbert GmbH, which has been around for more than 50 years. The company has a head office in Jandelsbrunn, Germany, and other offices in Mottgers Sinntal and Nagyoroszi, Hungary. Under the main brand Knaus, there are also other well-known brands such as Tabbert, Wilk, T@B, Bavaria Camp and Weinsberg. All top brands that fit perfectly with the Knaus logo, a flock of swallows flying upwards. In addition to many caravan models, Knaus has also been building campers for 30 years. CampersCaravans also has a wide range campers and caravans from Knaus for sale. The Knaus Sport 420 QD we tested for you.

The Knaus Sport 420QD.

Adria's blue belt

You can recognize Adria caravans by the characteristic blue band at window height. In the Luxury models, all windows are double-glazed with a blue coloring. This has been the case since 1970. Five years earlier, Adria launched the first caravan on the market. The caravans have been available in the Netherlands since 1968. And since then it has grown into one of the best-selling caravan brands in our country. In 2015, Adria even celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with a number 1 position on the Dutch market. You know and recognize the various Adria models, such as the Action, Astella, Alpina or Adora. We tested the latter, namely the Adria Adora 673 HP. Also check it out current offer from Adria.

We tested the Adria Adora 673 HP.
We tested the Adria Adora 673 HP.

Kip: Dutch pride

Who doesn't know him? The Kip caravan. You can say that it is Dutch pride. And one of the most famous caravan brands in our country. The history of the company goes back many years. Jan Kip built his first camper for his own use in 1947. Due to the great interest from private individuals, twenty units could easily be produced the following year. Some were rented out and the rest were sold without any problems. In 1949, the first standard Kip Caravans came off the production line, which were transported by truck to dealers in the country in the 50s. The start of a successful company.

Kip caravans are quality caravans that are distinguished by design, technology and high-quality materials. In the Netherlands alone, 35.000 Kip Caravans are registered and in use, 26% of which are older than 20 years. That figure immediately says a lot about the quality of these caravans. Nowadays Kip Caravans produces a clear range with the Shelter, Compact, Vision and Gray Line models. Caravans that incorporate a lot of tradition in design and quality. The layout, built-in systems and driving characteristics are completely contemporary. Curious which Kip caravans are currently for sale? Look at Here is Kip's offer.

Chicken Vision
Kip Vision caravan.

Eriba: unique top brand

Eriba is a unique top brand that has been building caravans for many years. It all started with the original Troll, in 1957. This was the first caravan that saw the light of day in Bad Waldsee, in the south of Germany. This original Troll was the first caravan from the legendary and successful cult caravan Eriba Touring series. This caravan laid the foundation for the company's success. Today Eriba is part of the Hymer Group. Both compact, lightweight and very spacious and luxurious comfort caravans are produced under the brand name Eriba. From a simple caravan with an extra sleeping roof to a chic and spacious family caravan, everything a camping heart desires can be found in the Eriba range.

With the Eriba winter technology and the innovative Raum+System in the Nova models, Eriba also offers a caravan that can be used all year round. In addition, it makes little difference whether you buy a new or used Eriba. The investment is justified thanks to a high retention of value.
Eriba today offers seven recognizable models in various designs. That recognizable is due to Eriba's design language. The materials used, construction method, layouts and built-in fittings are of course completely contemporary. We have a Eriba Nova tested for you. And the offer from Eriba you can also view it of course.

Eriba Touring, 2019 model.

LMC: caravans with quality

LMC caravans have been built since 1955. The first model was called Knospe. The brand has also been building campers since 1986. A feature of LMC is the Long Life Technology. Wood is no longer used in walls, floors and roofs. Due to this construction method, LMC offers a twelve-year watertightness guarantee. The brand also builds in Sassenberg for sister brands from the Hymer group.

The LMC Sassino is the entry-level model for caravans. This model has two layouts. The subsequent Style series, a real family caravan, has no fewer than nine different layouts. The Vivo follows next. Fresh trendy caravans in nine different layouts, made for the modern caravan enthusiast. LMC serves the middle class with the comfortable Musica, available in eight layouts, making it a bestseller in the range. The Musica is also the top model at LMC. This LMC caravan we tested. And the LMC offer view here.

LMC Vivo
LMC Vivo caravan.

Dethleffs: inventor of the caravan

Yes, I must have come up with the caravan. That honor goes to Arist Dethleffs. He constructed the first “residential car” in Germany in 1931. The phenomenon of “free time” was not really known until now, a family holiday was a privilege and tourism was still in its infancy. With the discovery of the caravan, Dethleffs started a new era. From the very beginning, Dethleffs production has been located in Isny ​​im Allgäu, a municipality in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The pioneering spirit of the founder, Arist Dethleffs, is still present there today. This has to do with the continuity of the value development of the various series of campers and caravans, a countless number of innovations and of course the care for the heart of camping history; the family.

The Dethleffs caravans are now available in nine model lines in various lengths. You can therefore really expect the inventor of the caravan to choose a seamlessly fitting example that incorporates a lot of experience in combination with modern standards. We have the Dethleffs C'go Up! 525 KR tested, a caravan with 7 sleeping places. More offer from Dethleffs view here.

Dethleff's C-joy
Dethleff's C-joy

More caravan brands

Curious about which other used and new caravans are for sale? In addition to these five caravan brands mentioned, we also have caravans for sale from many more brands. View the offer here. Or would you rather have something first? caravan testing see?

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