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Te Velde Camping: just fine outside

Te Velde Camping: just fine outside

On the border between Drenthe and Groningen you will find a special company for camping, garden furniture and winter sports enthusiasts. As a manufacturer of tents and awnings, Te Velde from Nieuw Buinen is unique in the combination of a workshop for the production of tents and 3500 m2 of floor space for recreational retail.

Te Velde Kamperen Garden Furniture Wintersport has been doing what the name suggests since 1985. An extensive but complete range is not available in the store in three disciplines. The same activities take place online through an extensive webshop, although not all 20.000+ articles are included in that database. A visit to the store in Nieuw Buinen remains worthwhile.

Camping in Velde

Winter sports department

The winter sports department is colorful. A complete range for active winter sports enthusiasts is immediately available. From clothing to skis with a variety of accessories in between. Skating is a department in itself within this range. Nowhere in the region can you find a more complete offering for recreational skaters than at Te Velde. Service, in the form of skate sharpening, is also part of this.

Showroom garden furniture

In the Te Velde showroom you will find a large department of garden furniture, parasols, patio heaters, garden fireplaces and related items. Attractively presented so that you immediately feel like getting the most pleasure out of your garden. Of course, barbecues are also included. To complete 'outdoor life' in the garden, Te Velde offers a large collection of briquette barbecues, gas barbecues and gas outdoor kitchens.

Camping: outdoor

Everything related to camping and many outdoor items are available all year round both online and in stores, not tied to a season. Outdoor sports artists, tent campers, caravan owners or campers get into the holiday mood here before the party has even started. In addition to camping items, furniture and accessories, also technical parts for the best one-stop shopping experience.

Camping in Velde

Te Velde Tents

The studio of Te Velde Buiten Simply Goed is the treasury of the company. Originally a tent manufacturer with almost 35 years of experience in this specific field. Te Velde produces a range of standard awnings according to a traditional recipe, which gives the collection a unique position. With a pointed roof and a zip-on awning, this meets the wishes of the Dutch camper, while other tent manufacturers do not offer this. You also buy a tent at the source. To a certain extent, adjustments to the standard concept are possible. Te Velde's expertise is also the best thing that can happen to your tent or awning for repairs.

Inflatable tents

Inflatable tents is another branch of sport at Te Velde. These are not made in-house, but are widely available. Te Velde is an official dealer of Kampa and Vengo tents. Both specialists in quick and easy to set up tunnel tents, awnings or camper tents.

Camping in Velde

The camp

The English Kampa is a major manufacturer of camping items. The company has been active in the outdoor world since 1978 and has been extremely innovative ever since. Te Velde was the first dealer of this brand on Dutch soil. The quality is very good in relation to the price. All tents have a 2-year warranty, excluding normal wear and tear or damage caused to the tent. The tent canvas of the Kampa tents is fire-retardant as standard.

Camping in Velde


Vango is another English brand if you are looking for an inflatable tent, a lightweight trekking tent or a camping tent with tent poles. In addition to this wide range of family tents with fiberglass tent poles, Vango also offers tents with air tubes. Also called Airbeam tents by Vango. The Vango range of tents is also unprecedented for the lightweight camper, there are even lightweight tents with standing height, so you can cook standing up after a day of driving. Vango therefore has the right tent for every camper in its range. Both made of polyester cloth or breathable polyester/cotton.

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