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The most sold brand in the Netherlands
In 1965, the then Yugoslavian company IMV built the first prototype of an Adria caravan. This was presented at a fair in Stockholm. A second, slightly rounder designed model followed in the same year. Shortly thereafter, a large-scale series production of the model was made that would be maintained for years to come. In 1967 the production was increased to 2 caravans per day and in 1968 the export to the Netherlands started.
In 1970 the Adria caravans were given the characteristic blue band at window height and with the Luxe models all windows were double glazed with a blue color. A comfortable improvement for winter sports enthusiasts. A new caravan factory was opened in Brežice in October 1972 and another one in Deinze, Belgium, two weeks later. Manufacturer IMV was at that time the largest Yugoslav exporter thanks to the Adria caravans and seven subsidiary companies abroad.
A new model series was developed in 1978. This second generation of caravans with the characteristic pontoon shape. First introduced only with the Grand de Luxe models and the following year also with the other types. In 1979 the construction of new production installations started in Novo Mesto. With 1980 produced and sold caravans, 26.757 was the most successful year for Adria.
With the new, more aerodynamically designed, Mistral went into production in 1982, the third generation. Frenchman Joël Bretecher was the designer of the caravan. The other types would also get this Mistral design within two years.
With the Adriatik 420 and 450, the first two camper models appeared based on the Renault Trafic, built in Deinze, Belgium.
Adria came with the Unica in 1994. Now the fifth caravan generation. At that time, the Adria Van, based on the Fiat Ducato, went into production. Despite many successes and new developments, the first half of the 90s was a difficult time. Adria Caravan was transformed into Adria-Mobil in 1996. With a new management led by Sonja Gole, things went back in the right direction from that moment on.
With the Coral, the production of alcove models began in 1998 in Novo Mesto. This series is still being produced and successfully sold. The sixth generation of Adria caravans was introduced to caravans.
In 2001 the first model of the seventh caravan generation appeared with the Adiva. The Stargo on Mercedes-Benz chassis expanded the range of motorhomes. With the 3way on a Renault Trafic chassis with optional lifting roof, the bus camper model line was further expanded.

In 2004 Adria again introduced a new motorhome, the semi-integrated Izola based on the Renault Master. The company continued to grow towards a European top position, with various management awards for the leadership in Slovenia. The ninth caravan generation started in 2005 with a particularly striking model: the innovatively designed small caravan Action. The now 40-year-old company moved into a completely redesigned factory. In 2006, Adria launched its first integrated camper, the Vision.
In 2015, Adria-Mobil, acquired by Autocommerce, celebrated its 1th anniversary with a number XNUMX position on the Dutch market.

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