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Semi-integrated motorhomeSemi-integrated Camper: the golden mean

Broadly speaking, campers come in four types. Semi-integrated, camper vans, alcove, or integral. With a semi-integrated motorhome, the cabin of the base vehicle remains intact with a superstructure in which the living area is placed. Camper integral or semi-integral? Compared to an integrated motorhome, this is a less expensive construction method, while the space gain is an advantage compared to a bus camper. Pay attention if you want to buy a semi-integrated camper.

Semi-integrated motorhomes are a popular group of motorhomes. With more width than the standard of a bus camper, you have a completely different interior. All layouts that are possible in a fully integrated camper, you will also encounter in a semi-integrated camper. A queen-size bed, single beds, pull-down bed or French bed, almost anything is possible. In addition, a semi-integrated offers enough space for a full bathroom and a usable kitchen. The superstructure behind the cab of a Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot, Mercedes, Renault, Ford or Volkswagen commercial vehicle is made of sandwich panels. Traditionally aluminum on the outside, but GFK is gaining ground here. Less sensitive to dents and more resistant to a hailstorm. For this reason, the roofs are usually constructed from GRP. The walls are insulated with foam and internally provided with a frame to give the car in which you participate in traffic the necessary strength. Furthermore, an Alco broad gauge chassis is used under the current generation of semi-integrated motorhomes. This mainly consists of a wider rear axle, which benefits the driving characteristics of the semi-integrated motorhome. Optically that also looks a bit better than rear wheels that are far in the wheel arches. An exception to this are campers with Mercedes or another rear-wheel drive car as a basis. In that case, a wide rear axle is not possible. Recently, however, the Mercedes Sprinter has also become available as a front wheel drive, making this van a more accessible model to build a camper from. All well-known brands such as Burstner, Knaus, Weinsberg, Rapido, McLouis, Roller Team, Sunlight, Chausson or Hymer have an extensive range of semi-integrated motorhomes in addition to bus campers and integrated motorhomes. Buying a new semi-integrated motorhome? From a semi-integrated motorhome, semi-integrated motorhome with fold-down bed, semi-integrated motorhome 6 meters,

rent a semi-integrated camper single beds or a semi-integrated camper. You can find it on CampersCaravans.nl. View the offer directly on CampersCaravans.nl.

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