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RV rental: for a carefree and affordable camper holiday

Are you planning to rent a motorhome? Rent a luxury motorhome from experienced motorhome enthusiasts easily & safely. On CampersCaravans.nl you will find many campers that you can rent. Various providers rent out campers. It is also possible to rent a mobile home from a private person. The camping offer on CampersCaravans.nl consists of different types of campers from both camping companies and private camper rental companies. Whether you are looking to rent a cheap camper or are you looking to rent a luxury camper? If you do not have a regal amount of free time and are still a fan of a holiday with a camper, renting a camper is often a better option than a camper in your own possession. For this purpose, various rental companies are active in the Netherlands that provide an excellent service. You can also rent a camper from a private person through individual advertisements or sharing platforms. On these pages of camperscaravans.nl you will find an overview of both companies and individuals who rent out motorhomes to make the best choice. This way you will always find a unique and personal camper within your budget!

When you compare the offer of the various landlords, there are more similarities than differences. Rental companies usually offer new motorhomes that go on sale after 2 to 4 years. The rental price is usually around € 1.000 per week in the high season and around half in the low season. The conditions may differ and make that one rental company of campers fits better than another. For example, pets are sometimes allowed and sometimes not. The equipment can also differ. Is this complete with outdoor table and chairs or do you have to rent these extra? In addition, there are landlords who offer a number of kilometers free, after which extra kilometers have to be paid extra. Others do not apply such a limit. Also pay attention to the state of roadside assistance and insurance. A deposit is customary, usually this is an amount of € 1.000 to compensate for damage to the camper or inventory. Some landlords deal with this strictly, others are more flexible. However, a motorhome is relatively fragile, so keeping everything intact is the motto to get your deposit back without deduction. Traffic participation is another risk. An accident can happen in a small corner and overlooking a pole at the campsite is no exception. It is recommended to carefully inspect the camper for existing damage together with the landlord. Take photos so that discussions cannot take place afterwards.

Renting a private person is broadly the same way. Especially when this is done via a sharing platform. The offer is more varied. There may also be older, self-built or retro campers. This can affect the price and you may find it more fun to go out in a classic Mercedes than with a new Burstner, Knaus, Sunlight or Rapido camper. Everything is possible. You can rent a cheap bus camper to a luxury camper and everything in between.

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2711 ads are offered for sale on CampersCaravans.nl that match your search criteria Rental Campers. Do you have a Rental Campers for sale then create a new advertisement. If you have additions / comments to the above text, please contact us.

Rental Campers

Adria Coral 600 SC, Volkswagen CARAVELLE, Volkswagen CALIFORNIA, Volkswagen TRANSPORTER, 4 pers. Would you like to rent a Knaus motorhome in Aagtekerke? From € 97 pd - Goboony, 4 pers. Rent a Nissan camper in Maassluis? From € 73 pd - Goboony, 4 pers. Rent a Hymer camper in Wognum? From € 112 pd - Goboony, Time KREOS 7010, Ford Transit, 2 pers. Would you like to rent a Mercedes-Benz motorhome in 's-Hertogenbosch? From € 85 pd - Goboony, 2 pers. Rent a Renault Master camper in Capelle aan den IJssel? From € 85 pd - Goboony, 2 pers. Rent a Bürstner motorhome in Amsterdam? From € 96 pd - Goboony, 4 pers. Rent a Mc-Louis motorhome in Ermelo? From € 61 pd - Goboony, 4 pers. Would you like to rent a Fiat camper in Valkenswaard? From € 97 pd - Goboony, Accessories Elnagh LMC and Sunlight, Etruscan T7300 SB, LMC Liberty, Fiat Bavaria, 2 pers. Rent a Volkswagen camper in Langeweg? From € 79 pd - Goboony, 2 pers. Rent a Weinsberg caracompact 600 meg pepper camper in Bolsward? From € 98 pd - Goboony, Knaus Boxstar Street, Dethleffs 230, 4 pers. Rent a Dethleffs camper in Utrecht? From € 73 pd - Goboony, 7 pers. Rent a Hymer camper in Dedemsvaart? From € 79 pd - Goboony, 4 pers. Rent a Volkswagen camper in Loosdrecht? From € 158 pd - Goboony
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