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Amigo Campers: a modular friend for life

Amigo Campers: a modular friend for life

An Amigo bus camper consists of two parts. The bus and an interior. You put it together yourself. You can choose a car with the first kilometers on the odometer and a module that offers all camper comfort. Including cooling, cooking, a toilet, showering and lighting. However, unique to the concept that Amigo has developed is the possibility of taking the interior with you to your next bus.

Amigo Campers is part of Active since 1986 as one of the largest used car dealers in the Netherlands. More than 6.000 are traded annually. has a network of branches throughout the Netherlands so that a car can always be offered for service somewhere nearby. Of course you can also go there with an Amigo bus camper.

By bus

An Amigo camper module not only fits in a Volkswagen Transporter, but just as easily in a Transit, Expert or Jumpy. An extensive choice that actually offers. Only the best used buses are eligible to be turned into an Amigo camper. With the purchasing knowledge and expertise of a mega car dealer, the best the market has to offer is available.

As soon as the bus that suits you is available, Amigo will create a new camper together with Vaartland. The engine, drive and suspension receive an extensive service and the bodywork is also subjected to a thorough examination to remove every nick and scratch. Spraying, perhaps you go for a “two tone”, up to and including detailing the cabin and upholstery of the seats, turning the base for an Amigo camper into a genuine example. All work is carried out in-house.

The interior

The modular nature of an Amigo camper represents a central part in which and on almost everything related to camping. You can sleep on top, and there are seats at the table at the front. At the rear the module houses a huge outdoor kitchen. The dimensions of this assembly are fixed, with a narrow fitting piece it forms itself to the car. This way the Amigo camper module fits in every bus. Removal is relatively easy. This is of course possible with any camper interior, but in this case you are not left with a bunch of loose planks in your hands. The module is screwed and can be removed as a whole without damage. It is not difficult or complicated, but it will take you a while. It is therefore not possible to quickly put your interior aside for more cargo space. It is especially useful when you are ready for a new bus but not yet a new interior. Even if you want to switch to an electric bus in the near future, the switch will be a lot less painful and it will be more sustainable instead of having to remake an interior.


Nothing of that efficient modularity can be found in the interior of an Amigo camper. It is actually cozy and atmospheric. You can choose the color with which the table and cabinets are finished, as well as the fabric for the upholstery. Like the cushions on the sofa at the table. These fit surprisingly well. They can be removed and placed outside as a seating area, together with the table, under a colorful awning, somewhere where the view is beautiful.

Due to the lack of a sink and hob instead of the seating area inside, it is nice and spacious. Completely with the cabin seat rotated. A second cool box is placed next to the sofa. A “handy for emergencies” toilet under the bench on the other side. In addition, there is still room for a real hanging cupboard. There are also drawers and cupboards under the sofa. There is no shortage of storage space.


There is also no shortage of headroom, with the pop-up sleeping roof up  there is an abundance of this, in addition to ventilation through the windows with a mosquito screen in front of them. You can also sleep here. By folding down the bed base, 2 people can find a place on a memory foam mattress with spring seats underneath. Comfortable but in terms of size, especially suitable if you really like each other.

The bed on the ground floor is a lot more spacious. This can be done in no time. The back of the sofa can be lowered a bit, after which you can pull out an extension of the bed like a drawer. This again extends sideways to the full width of the bus. The resulting bed has the royal dimensions of 1,8 x 2,1 meters. Here too, a comfort mattress has been placed with spring plates underneath. When there is no sleeping, the mattress also collapses and the sofa reappears.


The Amigo campers have an outdoor kitchen. There's something to be said for that. Cooking indoors in the dimensions of a Transporter is no pleasure.  Outside, on the other hand, you have all the space you need, and Amigo has made optimal use of it. Two large drawers provide space for a cool box, two-burner gas hob, sink with running water and work space in the form of a cutting board with, very thoughtfully, the knives on a magnet in a recess at the bottom of the board. A nice detail that shows how the concept of finishing has been used. Everything slides and closes without a hitch, and there is not a dent or splinter anywhere to be found in this demo model. The kitchen also has plenty of storage space. Not only for a serious pan set, cutlery and crockery, but also for provisions that do not need to be refrigerated.

This way you have a complete kitchen, everything at hand, with plenty of space to move around and a beautiful view. There are of course also adverse weather conditions, but you can counteract these with a side wall or a tent over the hatch or doors of the Amigo bus.

Off grid

The package that turns a used bus into a new camper includes an extensive power source. A solar panel is attached to the lifting roof that keeps the household battery charged. You can also connect the camper to shore power  and also charge the engine. This is all arranged with a Victron installation including an inverter. That shore power is therefore not always necessary. With the Victron app and a Bluetooth connection  you can keep an eye on the status of the battery. There are sockets and charging points for your phone throughout the camper. The LED lighting completes the nighttime atmosphere.

The Amigo Module combines the best of both worlds. A daily bus that can effortlessly become a full-fledged camper on a beautiful camping site. The conversion of an empty company bus into a new camper takes approximately 4 months. Amigo campers offers the complete conversion, including the lifting roof and the technical installation, for a competitive price, whereby all other concerns such as a camper license plate registration are taken care of. You will receive your used bus for €27.850  a second life as a new camper.

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