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Eura Mobil Profila T 696 EB: an exclusive Camperland version

Eura Mobil Profila T 696 EB: an exclusive Camperland version

Eura Mobil Profila T 696 EB: an exclusive Camperland version

The Mercedes Sprinter as a basic vehicle for campers seemed to be born out of necessity due to a lack of Fiat copies. However, that crisis has been averted, but the new Sprinter with front-wheel drive remains. This also applies to the Eura Mobil Profila T 696 EB. Simply available on the chassis of a Ducato, but with Mercedes as a basis, a bestseller.

Eura Mobil is not the most well-known camper brand in the Netherlands. But if it is up to dealer/importer Camperland, there will be a major change in the coming years. First of all, by expanding the number of points of sale. About two years ago, Truckland took over camper specialist Cor van den Oever to continue under the name Camperland while retaining all knowledge and expertise. A second branch is now in the pipeline, and the first press releases will appear in a few months. And it doesn't stop there, more will follow in the near future.

Another reason why Eura Mobil has more to offer in terms of brand awareness is the quality of the offering. Just like with all German camper builders, a concession to construction quality is unthinkable. At Eura Mobil the price is not crazy, even though it is really not a budget brand. This can be seen when you take a closer look at the Profila T 696 EB in a special Camperland version, a tasty semi-integrated car with a prominent star on the chrome of the grille.


The most striking thing about the Camperland version of the Profila T is the cabin wrapped in white foil. By default this is black. Also beautiful, but in white the cabin better matches the color scheme of the superstructure. Another advantage is that the wrap not only has an optical function but also protects the original paint against that strange sunlight of today or stone chips. If, after a number of years, you still fancy black, the foil is easy to remove and a new cabin will be revealed underneath, including the painted bumper because that is part of the fully optioned Profila T 696 EB that Camperland has received from a wrap provides.


Holiday ready

When you buy a new camper, you will soon have to personalize it based on an options list. This is not necessary with this Profila T. Everything is already there, on and in. Filling the fridge and typing in the holiday destination is enough. The Mercedes has all the driver assistance systems available in the Camperland version. The double camera on the back is extra nice, working as an interior mirror or reversing camera when you put the 9-speed automatic transmission in R. The start is keyless. It is a Mercedes 415CDI that delivers 170 HP and is equipped with AdBlue technology. The lowered chassis is from Al-Co, as is the wider rear axle. A set of alloy wheels finishes it all off nicely. By the way, the chassis is capable of carrying 4500kg, but from a driving license point of view the maximum is the well-known 3500kg so that you can drive with a B on your pink paper.


The GRP structure is equipped with all connections, even a gas tap for the barbecue is standard. The windows are recessed flush into the walls. Behind the shutters all around you will find a mega XXL garage, the technology of the Alde liquid heating and the toilet cassette. What is striking is the spacious layout. The Eura Mobil has a double heated floor that is quite deep. It enables a quick inspection and everything remains easily accessible in the unlikely event of a malfunction. 



Inside, the floor is level with the cabin, there are no steps except of course at the entrance. An electrically operated step and the comfort door with window provide the entrance. The interior also offers several beds with a fillable middle section. Wall cabinets all around with enough headroom underneath and a window on both sides. 

The central kitchen has a 142L refrigerator with freezer and also has an extractor hood, a roof hatch with a Maxx fan, 3-burner stove and a covered sink. Above, cabinets that extend to the cabin and below, drawers with a gracefully curved front. Not only beautiful but also practical, the shape fits nicely against the paneling of the bathroom on the other side. Of course without tapping it. The bathroom is nice and spacious with the well-known toilet and a sink that folds away so that the shower door can be closed. The finish is aimed at easy cleaning.

The lounge is worthy of that name when the cabin seats are turned around and the table, which can be moved in all directions, is positioned. With those swiveling cabin seats, it is a bit of a struggle in the slightly narrower cabin of a Sprinter, but then you have an all-round seating area where it is still cozy for 5 people. The entire interior is kept nice and light. The wood color is the same, but it has a lot of grain so that it does not become sterile anywhere. It has also remained spacious, partly thanks to the upper cabinets that are not overly large and are cleverly placed.


The starting price of the Eura Mobil Profila T 696 EB is € 115.150. In the overcomplete Camperland version, the price tag is € 151.345. Obviously a princely amount, but that applies to all campers these days. Yet the pricing is competitive. If you purchase a basic version and choose all the accessories that are already present in the Camperland version, your choice will be a lot more expensive. In addition, the driver assistance systems of the Mercedes, for example, cannot simply be retrofitted. 


If there is any doubt as to whether this or another camper suits you, Camperland offers the option of renting one first. When you subsequently purchase, you will receive the rental payments back as a discount. Another option is to purchase a copy from that rental. That is different at Camperland. Typically, an ex-rental camper has about 80.000 km on the odometer, which means that quite a few different drivers have driven it. Camperland does not go further than 20.000 km, which is a lot more manageable and still provides an attractive discount. 


Maintenance and repairs are very well organized at Camperland. With Truckland as a parent company that has 12 branches in the Netherlands, there is always a competent garage nearby where the mechanics of the basic vehicle can be serviced. If something needs to be done to the living area, this can sometimes or in all cases be done at Camperland in Herpen. Because the specialism that characterized Cor van den Oever two years ago has not only been preserved here, but has also been further expanded with a new workshop where several campers can be worked on at the same time in five blocks. Even if you have not purchased a Camper from Camperland, you are very welcome here to give your valuable possession the attention it deserves. 


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