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Arca Recreation: Full Service Caravan Company

Arca Recreation: Full Service Caravan Company

The Heerhugowaard caravan company Arca Rekreatie is known in the region and beyond as the specialist in English Swift and Sprite caravans and also has a dealership in the French Sterckeman caravans. Arca is not only good for the sale of these brands, but also in service, maintenance and rental of all types and sizes of caravans, regardless of which brand, Arca is a company where your proud possession is in both good and experienced hands.

Arca Rekreatie was founded no less than 38 years ago. The start was an initiative of Roy Lutte, who is still involved in the company today. With a team of 8 people, Arca is capable of a lot. Everything related to caravans, from servicing to the installation of accessories, takes place in our own certified garage. But with a selection of new models in the cozy showroom and around 100 used units, sales is the other aspect that drives the company.

Arca Recreation

Arca Recreation Service

The workshop specializes in maintaining brands such as Sprite, Swift, Sterckeman, Ixus and Delta/Beyerland. Furthermore, damage, assembly and maintenance work is carried out on all brands of caravans, trailer tents and trailers. As a caravan service company, Arca meets all health and safety and environmental requirements. With so many years of experience, Arca is also a specialist for installing and mounting accessories. This is not brand specific, so the best deal is always available.

Arca Recreation

Nowadays, a number of insurers require that a caravan be kept in good technical condition. You must demonstrate this with a fresh inspection report. To comply with this obligation of care, a technical report from Arca is sufficient so that no discussion with an insurer can arise in the event of unforeseen damage or other disaster. So reassuring.

At Arca, maintenance includes a check of the tires and chassis. In addition, a brake test is carried out and the coupling is inspected. The lighting, the condition of the gas installation, the water system and everything related to electricity do not escape the all-seeing eye of the Arca technician. Finally, the structure undergoes a moisture measurement to ensure that the sealant seams are in a watertight condition.

Arca Recreation

Arca Recreation Sales

Arca Rekreatie always has around 100 used caravans ready for holiday use. So even just before the departure date, Arca is able to supply the camping equipment that suits you best. With a maintenance service and technical inspection, you can also be sure that it will be a carefree holiday. The range of offerings is wide. There is currently an Adria Unica on offer for €6.450. At the other end of the spectrum you will find a demo Sprite Cruzer 550 SR for an extra interesting price of €40.450.

Arca Recreation


Arca Rekreatie has created a very nice arrangement for doubters. You can also rent the used cars on offer if you are not sure whether the caravan suits you or your traveling companions. If not, simply return it, but if it was a fantastic holiday and you want to keep the caravan, the rental fees will be deducted from the purchase price. The caravans are supplied complete with an awning or awning, a gas bottle, water supply, spare wheel, 220 Volt connection cable, step and a 13/7-pin adapter cable for the tow car. At Arca Rekreatie you can rent a caravan for €150 per week.

Arca Recreation


Arca Rekreatie is a dealer/importer of three brands. On the English side these are Swift and Sprite. These Caravans come from the factories of England's largest manufacturer of touring caravans, the Swift Group Limited. The production facility, located in Cottingham, produces more than 10.000 caravans annually under the Swift, Sprite and Sterling brand names. The latter brand name is intended for the domestic market. Safety comes first when developing a new Sprite caravan model. All units therefore meet strict European safety standards. And to guarantee perfection, all new designs are extensively tested before they go into production. At Arca Rekreatie, these new models are usually available from stock.

Arca Recreation

Sterckeman is the brand name on the French side in the Arca showroom. With many practical details and typical French comfort, Sterckeman has been an ideal travel companion for successful holidays for more than 70 years. For couples, family, with grandchildren or friends, Sterckeman's models are tailor-made. The brand is part of the Trigano group. Just like Swift, a superpower with a production of 10.000 units per year on a business area of ​​200.000 m2. The factory is located in the heart of the Rhône Valley in the Ardèche, which means that a holiday atmosphere is in the DNA of these caravans. Today, Sterckeman offers four model lines, from feather-light to hardy, in spring sizes between 5,20 and 7,80 m. Fully equipped contemporary caravans that better suit the available budget.

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